Thursday, February 28, 2008


Lately I have been at my lethargic best. I had a post called Keeping busy.
Now I should have titled this post as Being Lazy - but then I try to avoid a pattern, hence this title.
I have ABSOLUTELY no work in office and thanks to the lenient policies of my company, I am always available on all the messengers. I keep reading a lot, but then again, I am not much into the online reading - so I don't savor the reading so much :(
And since I don't have much work, I am game for accompanying any co-worker for tea, coffee, snacks as many times as I am called. Seeing this trend, I have not stepped on the weighing machine for quite some time. I am also all smiles when I get an offer to escort some one to get couriers done, print outs taken, withdrawing money from the ATM and sundry tasks. Some how, strangely, the less I work, the more tired I feel.
There was a time when I used to be up at 6:30, go for the swim, come back, sit for a quick breakfast with the newspaper, then rush to office. Office demanded undivided attention. After 9-10 hours of brain numbing, eye straining and finger aching work, I used to rush back home. Some hours spent with friends and catching up with family, and then I used to sit for an hour at least preparing for the CAT.
And now I have become such a wastrel.
I wake up like an over weight dinosaur at 7:30. Then I go for the swim(this is the only activity I do which burns any calories. You will see this as you read on) Active swimming is for the normal 30 minutes only, after which I fool around(since a flat mate of mine is learning, I get ample opportunity for morale crushing *Evil* ) and waste some more time. Then I stride back home and have breakfast like I got all the time in the world.
In office after wasting 6 hours ( though I am officially supposed to waste 9 ) I walk out with a flat mate of mine(who works in the same firm ) through the fire exit.
Once I get home, I don't have an ounce of regret as I sit and brutally, methodically murder time by chatting with the flat mate and watching mindless tv( I get bored of this activity soon though).
By the time the clock strikes 10, I have my eye lids drooping. When any one calls me at that hour, my conversation is laced with ample portions of yaaaaaaaaawn, sniff sniff.

Hmm... Finally today I took the bull by the horns, and have one achievement for the day. This blog :D
Since I seem to be at my active best, I might as well complete the tag from Abhishek(This also I am taking on my own volition - no pressure no pleading )
So what I need to do is state 5 random blatant facts about me or anything around.
1. When I am angry I show it on other things. For example, one day I was having a divine bout of sinus headache. And in a fit of rage, I threw the homeo medicines I was taking which were supposed to cure me of the same. I remember as a child, during the good old days when buffet had not got a stronghold in Indian wedding receptions and the food was served to the guests, in case there was a significant delay in me taking my seat and the arrival of food, I used to get utterly vexed. As a consequence, I used to take huge helpings of the food, but waste them all. My idea of anger management.
2. Even if I not angry, I can show anger. I can just like that raise decibel levels to show I am angry. Once a smart Alec auto rickshaw driver all of a sudden said that the petrol in his vehicle was over. I am sure he realized all of a sudden that going to my area would not be so lucrative further on. I raised my voice and said, "Dude if you don't drop me at the place for which I have taken this auto and drop me mid way, I am not gonna pay you a single penny. I then happened to remember there was a filling station near by and asked him to get the petrol there. Then he was like "No no Maam, I just thought it was over, its enough to go till your home."
A friend of mine travelling with me was dumb struck and said "Cool Amrita Cool. Don't be so angry." I smiled and said "Who is ;) "
3. Music can cheer me up any time. It works most of its wonders when I am sad after a trip home, or had a fight with K, or I am generally irritated with the state of affairs around.
4. I love chemicals. I love chemicals of many different forms - like Shampoos, Conditioners, Perfumes, Body lotions, Body washes, Sun Screen, Moisturizer and the list goes on. Some how be it in any mall, I am unable to resist one trip to the cosmetics section. I buy or not is a completely different issue - but I am sure to make a visit to the aisle having the wonderfully packaged chemicals.
5. I am a stickler to cleanliness. If cleanliness is next to Godliness then I believe I am as close to God as possible :D Generally any thing lying askew, peeves me big time. A stray towel on the bed, the shoes not in their proper position in the rack, the cup board in a mess - all these can set me off into a frenzy.
So any one who reads this post do take up the tag :)


Abhishek Khanna said...

cleanliness freak ..!!!

Amrita said...

@Abhishek- LOLzzzzzzz

Red Soul said...

oh no come back again on my blog. i jus uploaded her pic from the event :D btw, did u see that show?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I wish i were that lucky to NOT have a lot going on in my life. Sometimes being lazy is the best thing that we are able to do... :-)

Red Soul said...

ya study for the CATs. I'm gonna write a lot of exams this coming year... like GMAT, CFA, CCNA certification.. java certification...

if u have so much time of ur hand, think of getting some nice certifications to adorn ur resume, may be u'll get a raise with its help :)

Jyoti said...

any special reason for writting whole of the post in red??

Amrita said...

@Jyoti - Nopes , no reason at all for the red font.

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