Sweet nothings

Nothing specific to write, but I am full of emotions. Not ones which exult you, not ones which bog you down, not ones which make you raise hell, just simple smiles, small irritations, mild tempers, subdued impatience. A little sprinkling of emotions is what is making the concoction of my days.

I am not taking the damn auto rickshaws to work any more, on the contrary its the public transport - yea local buses for me. Bothers the wallet much less, but 2 other factors are more satisfying than just the economics of the action. The first being - I leave a smaller carbon foot print - imagine the one I was leaving till now , taking an auto alllllll the way over 15 kms!!! Now being a person who is as green as green can be (personally I don t like the color green) I am loving this fact. And the second fact is - I am with K for 25% of the journey :) The walk from home to the nearest bus stop and from there on till the first bus stop where we take buses to our respective offices which are exactly opposite in direction. Now in the time that we are together - we discuss investment options, fight over this and that, tease each other, complain about office, joke - in short - a time filled with sweet nothings :) I simply love this time. It makes me look forward to starting for office :)

The year started with my wedding for me. And I am looking forward to two of my greatest friends getting married - one in August and the otherrr on my BirthDAY!!!!! I am just too happy to see them having those changes in their lives, its really entertaining you know to listen to them crib about their future husbands. HaHa - I feel like a Daadi maa :) hehe and I think with an evil grin - Bacchu , kuch din aur fir tussi samjhoge ate daal ka bhaw!! *evil smile*
Andddddddddd apart from that a very special person is very much in love and loving it - but would not admit that :) Ahem! How I love teasing all these folks during our regular calls!!

Quite a year it has been and it will be quite a year to look forward to. Have taken up a couple of personal as well as professional commitments which give me the jitters some times - but what is life with out that dash of blue.
Heres hoping alls well for all of us. :)


Nitin said…
hmmm.. good leave smaller carbon foot print later on you can go for carbon trading.. ..
Itne saari cherries lekar aap kya karroge .. gaddi palat jaayegi... thodi idher offload kar do ekdum Sambhal kar rakhoonga
Amrita said…
oye lelo ji gaddi se cherries :D
Amrita said…
ahem ahem some body understood something :P
Nitin said…
o thanku thanku.. it will be safe in my stomach..
Ashma said…
i was abt to ask who is the one falling in love.. but then I guess I got the answer.. goodluck!!.. :)
Amrita said…
Ashma - tu samajhdaar ho rahi hai ;)
gud gud... ghar grihasti sambhalne ke liye samajhdaari zaroori hai :P
DeePDiveR said…
attagurl.....leaving a smaller carbon footprint

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