Today something happened that has prompted me to write this post.
But before I write what happened today maybe I should write what happened on Monday.

Well, Monday I had a training at a pretty grand hotel. I have this weird habit of getting all captivated by architecture and decors in new places. More so when I have only my eyes to register the things around and commit them to memory. From the time I got into the hotel, I was all eyes for the design of the gate, the exotic plants, the decor of the reception area, the chandeliers, for nearly everything. As I was moving towards the basement which was the venue for the training, I was a bit surprised to read a board which said "Please watch your step" After reading that I got extra cautious and stepped with increasing wariness. But then I think the very next Milli second, I fell down. On the steps. Wham! Twisted my ankle, broke the slipper I was wearing, hit my back against the step and on the whole felt Terribly Miserably EMBARRASSED with half of the hotel staff rushing in to rescue me. DAMN! would they give me just enough privacy to pick the crumbles of my pride??? Hmpf! I walked stoically like a classic Sagi towards the end of the staircase. There a couple of genuinely concerned hotel staff asked me if I was fine. I said ya with a smile :) and then asked the way to the ladies room. In the ladies room was sent another hotel employee - a lady to be precise- to ensure my well being. Now that slipper looked somewhat like this. And I was nearly in love with it :(

The part where the straps meet had kind of come off. So I asked her for a safety pin with which I could just be mobile for the day. She got it in sometime and I hoped that none of my office employees were witness to the earth shattering event of a hippo rolling on the stairway. I walked off to the training room with a stiff upper lip a raised chin and all other signs of pride I could think of. But boy! wasnt I embarrassed.

And todayyyyyyyyyyyyy........ today of alllllll days...... today being a FRIDAY!! Today being my last day at office before I go for a vacationnnnnnnnnnn!!!
My supervisor picked up today to ask me to do some real lousyyyyy work. And I gave my logically tested and proven arguments against the extra effort. But no! The boss is always right, so I was like what the heck, I might as well go ahead and finish it off.

But I am a person who does nt take a illogical defeat lightly - I mean - if I had the logic, the arguments were in place and what I was saying what was technically correct and with the best knowledge under the given circumstances - I just don t understand why people wont accept it!! So during lunch I went on and on and on about the illogicality, the lack of understanding, the utter studpidity and the utter wastage of effort that was being demanded by my manager. All the while I was talking in hushed tones but after my diatribe I looked sideways. ON THE VERY SAME TABLE, OPPOSITE TO ME, BUT 2 CHAIRS AWAY WAS SEATED NONE OTHER BUT - BUT - THE one.

Boyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I wished I could hide under the table. Go somewhere. Go any where. And I gulped the rest of the lunch somehow :( And made it to the exit.
The lady I go for lunch with said - hey dont worry, I dont think he would have heard us. I was like thanks for the encouragement buddy, but even I am gonna pray that he has real bad sense of hearing :S :(

So I completed the tedious task he had given me with all the more alacrity lest he find faults :S I hope its all green after today :S


Akshay said…
I slipped and fell down on the schools stage once..... damn....
hey for where u going always....
a very bad day indeed.....but today will be better...coz u have already seen the worse :)

get well sooon :)
Ashma said…
Feel like killing u now.. and u know why.. grrrrrrrrrrrr...

Btw once again: Wish i was there to laugh at u.. :-p
Shallu Goyal said…
hehe well i cant stop lafing after reading this post..:)))..i cud imagine each n everything...hehe...i wish i were never mind...BADE BADE DESHON MEIN AISI "BADI BADI" BATEIN HOTI REHTI HAIN...;)..never mind..cheer up..:) hey howz ur sleeper now? (:P:P) i hope u r not a defective piece by now...and i really hope the "one person" is as dumbo as one can b..:P
Abhishek Khanna said…
i knw i shudnt laugh.. but cant help.. really bad day
Nitin said…
just guess what the manager might be thinking (if he had heard) ...
he must be praying that the person sitting b/w u and him should not know who is u r line manager.. bechara face chuppa raha hoga
OK that was like 2 great mishaps in fine day !!!! bechari you .
here's hoping that THE MAN won't spew fire the next time he sees you , best o' luck
niceguy251 said…

It happens to all of us. Just be yourself. Best of luck with your Boss.

Take care
Ekta said…
well i know this isnt meant to be funny but clnt help laughing!
I mean...well as they say when things start going bad literally rains disaster!
it happens to me so many times that i say something abt someone not realising the person is just ard!
So dont worry...forgot abt all this and enjoy ur vacation!
¢яŷştąŁ said…
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Sanjay Chhabria said…
Hi Amrita,

I gave your blog an award, kindly collect it at -

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