Monday, November 24, 2008

Bangalore Express

I like Bangalore a lot. That's the place I got some real sweet and sad and warm and tingly memories associated with. And with my best friend A being there, it makes the city all the more welcoming.

Last weekend we made a short trip to the place. And it was a trip full of sweet nothings.

Friday evening was remarkable enough, when all of a sudden, dark clouds gathered and it started raining. And some rain it was, with blinding lightening and ferocious winds. I was all prepared and agog to scoot home soon so that we could be off to catch the train with lots of time to spare and I had promised A some snacks and savories, but seeing the downpour I felt dejected - it was gonna be a close call yet again :( with no time for purchases.

Then all of a sudden, I spotted a girl. Seemed to be a faintly familiar face, someone I had met while traveling in share autos to office. I gave her a buck tooth smile, but she never returned it. Ahem! Wrong number mebbe. Then after sometime she came up and said, did we meet before in a share auto or something? I was like Ya Lady! She was pretty petrified by the way the downpour was shaping up and tentatively asked me - shall we try to get home in this rain? I told, if you have an umbrella to get us till the main gates without soaking like rats, I think I am brave enough to face this rain. So off we went with a flimsy umbrella... and that poor thing was twisted beyond redemption thanks to the winds :(

We managed to get autos and reach till the penultimate stop for me. It was a pretty interesting ride too where I got to hear her love story, wedding plans and future programs. Once I reached the stop, my cell phone was ringing and guess who was it?! Hubby Gubby! He was close to the terminus.

So we met with the music of La la la la la la la la la la ( music of Sagar movie fame) :D We had tea and bread pakodas at a tea stall..... Hmmmmmm mild drizzle, K for company, warm tea in one hand and bread pakoda in the other ........ hmmmm heaven was close :)

Grub done, we ventured ahead. Caught the bus which would take us home in the nick of time, so much so that, we stepped into the bus at the same time and were stuck for a few seconds at the door :D Making a fool of oneself and still smiling at it - I am excelling in this talent I feel.

Journey itself was a little bit painful since all of a sudden I was having a headache - maybe a sinus prone person like me could blame the rains for it.

Sat morn as soon as we reached Bangy, the ever food loving K escorted me to a restaurant near the railway station. We shared a plate of uttapam while the most lilting songs wafted. The song that made it all the more special was Dhaage tod laao from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. A personal fav.

Reached the destination and woke up dear darling A. And got on with the usual chatter chatter yak yak. A apart from sharing many of my opinions and tastes, also shares a penchant for getting the cold virus. Achoo Achoo Achoo she went hitting sixers and boundaries till noon. Thats when we decided to have a low key day. 3 of us generally lazed around in front of the TV, chatted and dozed intermittently, ordered and had some delectable sandwiches and noodles. Finally at 2000 we stepped out of the house to have death by chocolate - a lovely sundae at a nearby shop, which is a major hit with K since it was the very first dish I had shared with him. Once back, we guzzled generous portions of awesome ginger tea and emptied quite a few containers of snacks and savories :)

Time passed just like that, chatting,surfing the net, seeing pics of each others friends on Orkut, that A and I scarcely realised it was close to 0300 by the time we hit the bed.

Sunday started late, cos obviously we woke up late, were super lazy and there was some or the other thing on TV which was making us sit in front of it. Finally at 1400 we set forth. Again rains played spoilt sport. But inspite of it, we managed to make quite a few purchases. With her wedding coming up, A had quite a bit to do. But alas:( Still, what we accomplished within the 5 hours, was no mean feat.

Back home packing done, we had some pastries and puffs at a nearby bakery. It was really nostalgic to say goodbye, hmm, goodbye to miss A for the last time.

At the station, both K and I were reminiscing the 2 jovial days, we did not do anything, but still the time spent was so special. In the reverie we noticed that there was no sign of the train, though it was expected to depart in 15 more minutes. Thats when I spotted that we were facing platform number 6 rather than 5 (The setup is a bit weird, you cant see the platform number 5 though technically its just behind you. ) So we sccccccccccccccccccrammed to the other platform and got into the train Jab We Met style ( Ahem no no the train had nt started yet :) )

The rains and cold climes had forced me to take a couple of medicines to ward off the headache et al. But thanks to them, I slept like a dead decayed log!

When embarking on the journey, I had armed myself with the fully charged digicam for a lot of clicks. Ironically, dont have a single picture - but enormously precious memories.

Friends are the family you choose - you are an integral part of mine dearie.


Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

ah, see you came to bangalore and did not wish this fellow blogger a "hiiii" *sob* *sob *sob*.

Well, I thought we both were fellow bloggers, but 'good' to hear that you too are a "sinus"ian ;). Same pinch, no back pinch ... Acchhuuu ... Accchhhuuu ... Its that same sinus again :)

Nitin said...

//bread pakoda in the other ........ hmmmm heaven was close :

hmmmm baarish mein bread pakora aur chai, bill pay karne ke liya miyaji ... tu bhai heaven mein hone ki feeling tu aaeygi hein .. so u had a gala time at b'lore... revived the old memories..
and now missing old friends :(

Shylu said...

Never before have i heard someone remark about a friend as the way you have sweet!!!!!

Amrita said...

@Satish - Oye next time pukka pukka will say hiiii to u :D
@Nitin - Cmonnnnnnnn road side dukaan thi.... it costed some 15 bucks total out of which 10 i paid since miyaji did nt hav chillar :P
@Shylu - Well my frnds say i am a gud frnd :D and i am blessed to have a gud set of frnds.. Tuchwud tuchwud

Nitin said...

chee..chee...cheee.... amrita apne pyaar ko paise ki tarazoo mein taul diya ( wow what a dialouge... ) its not abt money.. its the situation....15 ka tha tabhi tu maaza aaya ... 500 ka hota tu maaza nahin aata..

well mere khyaal se jo taste roadside khane mein hein wooh mazza badee resturant mein nahin aata ..

niceguy251 said...


Enjoyed reading your account of pleasant time you both had. May you always have good times.

Take care

Amrita said...

@Nice guy - thanks.. still unable to post comments @ur blog.... i get an object not set to refernce of class... being primarily a .net programmer, i would be in a position to correct the error if i had the code mebbe :(
till then think of some way in which i can post comments :(

niceguy251 said...


I feel unlucky to miss your comments. If I try to guide you it will be like " ulte baans Bareilly ko " or " sending coal to Newcastle " as I just about manage on computers which I picked up during my work. o3 site is famous for playing tricks. But if after entering set of figures & alphabets as shown in the box before posting your comment you get statement of error just click on BACK. It will give you a new set to enter and then I may be lucky to read your comments. I am receiving comments from friends of this site.

Take care

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

one of my very good friends is from banglore :-)

you changed the template? I liked the other better. :-(

Ashma said...

spending time with u, even if its doing nothing, is fun sweetie.. U r an integral part of A's chosen family too.. :) Abt the post.. a very sweet romantic post.. :-D

Abhishek Khanna said...

i had chance of visiting blore once. such a nice place. i mean where will you gt so many shops selling idli at Rs 5 and dosa at Rs 12.. (college days .. so i was broke)
loved the place

Renu said...

so:) u were also having a good time like me:), i also love that song--dhaage tod lao....all time listening to it. Oh and i am missing the icecream of coffe corner in banglore....what a size they

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