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And a colorful post

I feel--

Happy- That I am liking coming to office each day where I got a bunch of people who make the day a bit more pleasant and I have work lined up which I like.

Peaceful - That K finally is into a thing that his heart desired.

Enthusiastic - For a couple of family functions coming up which will give me a chance to use some dresses and jewellery which are otherwise just lying in cupboards/lockers.

Impatient - Cos there still a month to go before I get to meet my parents again.

Breathless - When I literally have to run from 0630 in the morning to 1030 to send off K to office with his lunch packed, get to the gym and finish the workout, rush back home and then scram to office.

Silly - When I doze off a bit on my way to office over a novel :(

Worried - Seeing my credit card bills and not being able to reign it in.

Satisfied- To see the stuffs that I have added to the house ever since I came.

Nagged - By the pain in my back and shoulder :S

Excited - That I got so much to read.

Frustrated - That I…

Gyaan as we turn one

Tomorrow we turn one - K and I.
20.1.2008- was when you guys lost your independence :) thats what mil told us in the morning! I said - No. No loosing independence, it was the day we starved while everyone was having good food around!

Seems a little while ago but its been one whole year since we have been married. And this little while has been quite a while! :) Initially we were apart for a couple of months, when we used to crib and fight over the most trivial of things. So much so, we started using a Year Planner from India Today to keep a record for the fights we were having. As I look back the initial months till June are red months(the cake being taken by this silly billy fight) while there were some real dry patches for instance Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov!! :) 4 months and not a single fight worth recording.

Since my sister in law was with us for a good part of last year, for her delivery, it was a merry family of 4. We had loads of fun with elaborate north Indian and south Indian dishes b…

Bloody politicians

I hate these bunch of people called politicians.
I know its a common feeling among Indians, and Murali Deora said that he was ashamed to call himself a politician (in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks). But I feel, the day God just lost all virtues from his tank, but still had to meet some deadline of creating species, he went ahead and made the ignominious one of politicians.

Today I had to attend a training at 10 in the morning. For that, given the awesome traffic condition that Chennai boasts ( I am not passing a general comment on Chennai,but yes - I would love to spit on the face of the CM who is so occupied ingrooming Stalin ( Gosh what a funny name!! ) that he has scant regard for anything else) (Parentheses ended there :) - read on ) I started from my home which is some 14 odd kms from my office at 0815 hours. Yes a good 1 hour, 45 mins ahead of schedule.

All along the road, there were pictures of the old *&^^)$ (This is what I will referto the CM as) smiling at the gent…

Whoopie weekend morose monday

The weekend that went by was awesome by all standards. Touchwood.

Saturday started on a happy note as mil went by to an ashram on the outskirts of Chennai. I dropped her at the bus terminus where she was picked up by her friend. Since she was all pepped up for the trip, it made me very glad first thing in the morning.

Once back from my gym, I got some veggies from the local store - Jeera rice and peas masala with salad - thats what K and I had decided upon. So I picked the veggies, came home, got our cuppa ginger tea ready and got on with the cooking after having put the tv in full bloom :) Simultaneously I also put the whole lot of the curtains of the bedrooms for wash and K went about killing the spiders in the cobwebs. Once done, we freshened up and got eating while watching the movie Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels.

Mid way through the movie, we thought, it would be better to get some grocery stuff else mil would be all harried over the weekdays. On the way we also had to give a pic…

I chose to make it a Happy New year

This time I am getting the same response from nearly everyone - the new year never made an impact. I am not sure if each and every person has taken a beating because of the economic meltdown :S but somehow everyone seemed to be giving me the same response.

Every year, I generally have some travel plans, to or from home, which makes the new year day or the days close to it(depending on the which part of the calendar I am traveling)pass by happily - if I would be going home, I would be at my chirpiest best, if I would be leaving home, I would be surrounded by relatives and hugs and kisses and with the wishes of seeing each other soon, that would make me brim with hope. But this year, it was for the first time that I was static.There was no trip in the offing. Thus it resulted in the new year not being accompanied with the fizz that it usually has.

Since our client offices were virtually vacant, work was nearly non existent. This prompted a lot of people to go forth on vacations or french …