Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And a colorful post

I feel--

- That I am liking coming to office each day where I got a bunch of people who make the day a bit more pleasant and I have work lined up which I like.

Peaceful - That K finally is into a thing that his heart desired.

Enthusiastic - For a couple of family functions coming up which will give me a chance to use some dresses and jewellery which are otherwise just lying in cupboards/lockers.

Impatient - Cos there still a month to go before I get to meet my parents again.

Breathless - When I literally have to run from 0630 in the morning to 1030 to send off K to office with his lunch packed, get to the gym and finish the workout, rush back home and then scram to office.

Silly - When I doze off a bit on my way to office over a novel :(

Worried - Seeing my credit card bills and not being able to reign it in.

Satisfied- To see the stuffs that I have added to the house ever since I came.

Nagged - By the pain in my back and shoulder :S

Excited - That I got so much to read.

Frustrated - That I am slow in reading.

Good - That I fitted into a shirt after a long time! There are 2 more trousers which I got to conquer :)

So how do u feel?

PS. Just penned it down for the lack of anything substantial to write, but for the urge to write something none the less. As I was writing I thought, let me know what others feel too. So please take it up as a tag :) Will not name people since I would like to know each of my readers answer. But as I said please do write it :)


niceguy251 said...


It was nice to read how you feel at each happening in life. Congratulations to both of you - you for having good office time and him for doing what he wishes to. Do control your credit card use as it does get beyound limit with Shylock type of interest charged. Please take care of your pain in shoulder and back.

I will try to take up your challange.

Take care

Abhishek Khanna said...

hehe.. u can name this tag as **Holi hai tag**

nice to read so many emotions at the same point of time.. when i thot abt it .. i too have an answer for all of them ! :O

Piper .. said...

what a lovely, informative post this is! :)

Renu said...

good to know you are happy:), but take care of your pain..may be because of working long at comps...seen many young girls now .a days with this.
Will certainly take it as a tag, but will do it at leisure like I do:)

Nithya said...

Nice post!
Guess I'm gonna put down my thoughts as well!!
A bunch of mixed emotions, you could call it! :-)


Amrita said...

@Nithya - thanks for stopping by

Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

Innovative tagging :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) nice stuff u came up with considering that u didn't have anything to write up.

i have a neck ache too :(

have fun at the family functions :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

aww.. this is nice. i think it very important to stay close to our emotions :-)

Shalom said...

Nice idea for a post!!!

And btw, don't let that back & shoulder pain go untreated ok, especially if you've had it for sometime. My sis-in-law had been complaining for a long time of a backache, finally went for an x-ray & found that her spine was bending towards one side! So its better to get yourself checked out in all such matters.

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