Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bas yun hi

Seems as if I am writing after eons. Work kind of kept me off blogging completely. And so much has happened in the midst that now I am at a loss at to where to start from.

A hell of a lot has been happening on the work front. Finally I seemed to be inching towards a role which I always thought of doing - and I feel challenged every moment of it. Managing people - its cakewalk if you take it as just another task, but if you decide to do it properly and with your conscience not pricking you, it is tough. Atleast for me as I am taking the baby steps.

In the midst my mom had visited Chennai - for a seminar. And so God had it, that the day she arrived, we had a 3 day visit scheduled for US execs. So much so that I was not even able to go the station to receive her. It made me guilty to no ends. Mil also said, I should be taking a day off and be with my mom the day she arrives, but sadly, we had a round table scheduled that day with a top shot and it might not have looked nice if I would have missed it. And my mom, as the feisty lady she is, said point blank there was absolutely no need for me to stay back and she would do just fine the whole day with mil. Still till she reached home, I stayed back so that I was atleast in a position to welcome her home - this being the first time she came here - the other time she had come was during the wedding and that was too hectic and jam packed with rituals for her to actually be with me. I was casually working on something expecting a call from her any moment asking for directions to our apartment or something, that I heard the sound of a vehicle. Just for the heck of it, I peeped from the balcony - and there she was! I was so amazed - without knowing the language, being here first time un escorted - bingo there she was!!! And the first thing she said on seeing me was " Why aint you in office?!" I was like "Mummy!!" And gave her the biggest hug possible!

After carrying her stuff to our home, I set her on the morphology of the house - the bathroom, the kitchen, the toileteries etc and scooted to office. On getting the least bit of free time I called her up to check how she was doing and with a giggle in her tone she answered that she and mil were off shopping in T Nagar! End of day, they had purchased 8 sarees between each other. And they even made a trip to Mylapore to the Kapaleshwar temple. There in some shop, mom had chanced upon Hema Malini! Yep, the actress! :D After a hell of a lot of snacking and packing for family, both samdhans had come home and were waiting for me to be back. Sadly I was in only by 2230 :( And the joy with which my mom received me, the un measurable pleasurable with which she waited for me and had dinner with me - it just made me realise, why mil dotes so much on K.

The next day mom was busy with the conference. But once back, she and mil took a long walk of the beach, shopped tit bits from the roadside vendors, snacked upon stuff, chatted, did cooking, arranged vessels, folded clothes - the whole lot of it. I was so charmed to see their easy camaraderie - touchwood. Generally down south, the relationships between sambandhis(I am at a loss for the english equivalent for it - could some one help me :S ) are a bit formal, I had felt ,while up north, its a very jovial and informal one. I was a bit skeptical as to how the two ladies might get along with each other - and it was really heartening to see them actually get along like a house on fire! So much so on friday when I came back early to be with mom, I found the house locked! They both had ventured to some hotel for grub! And on the way they even played rescue rangers for a poor couple who did not understand Tamil who were being harassed by an unscrupulous auto rickshaw driver! I was ahem speechless.

The penultimate day before mom left, she and I chanced to have a real long walk. We never intended for it, but it so happened that we walked some 5kms maybe discussing everything under the sun. My mom is everything I always want to be - smart, pretty, gregarious, vivacious and intelligent. If some one ever says I am half as good as her - that would be hmmm something for me. Now that shes gone back, there's a strange vaccuum in the house...... Love you Mommy.


Shylu said...

Smart, pretty, gregarious, vivacious and intelligent..what not??
U fit in the bill quite easily...then why half as good???

Piper .. said...

:):) what a fun time you`ve had Amrita! :) so when is mom coming back?

Renu said...

I liked you from the beginning and now I know frem where the genes are inherited:)
I loved what i read about your mom, she is just super like you:)

BTW i am seriously envious of her...she saw hema malini, poor me, nevr get to see anyone anytime:(

Nitin said...

congrats Amrita... for getting ur desired profile .. ( does it mean we missed one promotion treat in b/w .. u saved money)

it must have been tough situation ...

I felt that there is something missing in post (when post is for mom) ... a popular tagline most commercially used "Maa ke Haath Ka..." .. not sharing those food stuff akele akele khane ke mood mein :)

Shalom said...

Its such a wonderful blessing when in-laws get along well!

Amrita said...

@Shylu- Ah! thanks!
@Piper-Mebbe June cos my sis has to be sent off to work! Boy shes grown up!
Renu-Thankuuu! Feel so humbled
@Nitin - nehi nehi u did nt miss ne treat.. :D and no maa ke haath ka khana sasu maa show cased her skills :D
@Shalom - Yea dearie

Deeps said...

Awww..that was such a lovely post,Amrita.You truly are blessed to have the set of mother and mother in law who get along so well!
Your mom's trip reminded me of mine when she had come to visit us in Muscat a few years back and how she had to remain at home all alone because both my husband and I were working then.My nature of being such I couldnt take much time out to spend with her and yet she was a darling to not crib about it at all and treat me and my husband to some wonderful dishes she prepared while at home.
Please do convey my good wishes to both your mothers:).

niceguy251 said...


May you always have her love and affection. Try to be with MiL the same way and see the difference.

Take care

PS : Your visit is overdue now.

Ashma said...

nice post sweetie!! As they say Marriage is not between two individuals but between two families.. it's gr8 that both of urs gel so well!! :)

Shallu Goyal said...

Go Bless You....m happy to see u smiling as ever..:)

Amrita said...

@Deeps - :)
@Niceguy - of course i visit u.. still not able to post comments :(
@Ashu - u only urged me to post this
@Shallu - :) God bless u too dearie

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) moms are always what we aspire to be :)

hehhee even my mom can buy 8 sarees at a go !! * meri jaan nikalti hai !!*

arre wah! hema malini :D

&ermmmm sambhandi=in-law ?

niceguy251 said...


You may visit me here now as I have started posting here as well under the same name. You just have to substitute cheeriesblogs with niceguy251. Hope to see you here nowonwards.

Take care

Chitra said...

She seems to be a very special person :-)! When's her next visit due?

AMIT said...

Seems very special.Looks good.

Lingerie Alley

Shalom said...

Either you're very busy, or you're facing writer's block. In any case, let me help you along: you've been tagged!!! Hope to see this up soon :) Take care!

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