Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mazdoor Union

Zindabad zindabad!!

I hate communism. But I Lourveeeeeeee them for giving us Labor Day! Chuttiiiiiiiiii!!

This was a weekend I was awaiting with bated breath. This year since its inception has been damn hectic; and all my plans of taking breaks, vacations, time offs have been going for a toss. I have had to work on weekends- many times on my own volition, on holidays, work from home after office hours and all that jazz. I was anticipating something untoward to happen this long weekend too - upar se election vilection ka time hai bhai - one never knows.

But then I think good Lord looking over me from the high heavens thought, ok let the sloth sloth around this time. And I ended up having the lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzziest 3 days possible.

Friday I lazily woke up at 8 ( very late by the standard of a good bahu) Once done with the morn chores and seeing K off (he had office all the 3 days) and done with an early lunch - I hit the bed. And i dozed a good 4 hours! Evening I caught up with some blogs, orkutted, chatted and generally browsed. Saturday was spent equally leisurely in the company of magazines and books. Evening we had invited Ks newly wed cousin and his bride for dinner. Mil and I were scurrying around in the kitchen, me busy with matar paneer and she with kolambu. Luckily both the dishes came out yummy yum. The couple wanted to get some shopping done and I escorted them to some areas near the beach to get the stuff. We never realised how we just like that passed 2 solid hours going from shop to shop.

And it was really endearing to see the newly wedded couple. Theirs is again a love marriage and the guy is head over heels over head in love with the gal. There he was playing the perrrrrrrfect hubby. Running to open the doors, pulling out the wallet zap as soon as they reached the billing counter, buying gifts secretely for her and asking me to hide them and to the extent of running to pick the shopping trolley for her too. I was like Dude, till 2 days ago she was doing all this on her own, and you get married to her and treat her as if shes some princess from Egypt. Then the girl was like, I swear, 2 days into marriage and hes like this - let a year pass, then I would have to remind him who I am. To this he solemnly replied - I wont change. I was like, touche :)

It was a real pleasure hosting them over. And sunday, mil and I bonded over the tv. Random we were watching shows all over the place :) End of day we made two bigggggggggggg jars of musk melon milk shake and mango milk shake - gulped a good amount (WOW) and kept the rest for the bebe of the house.

A gooood lazzzzy longggg weekend. Bring on the monday now. Am not afraid of it :D


Raj said...

Its really a nice time to have time to relax from a hectic usual work schedule. Also the way you expressed the late sleep is really nice and I too enjoyed that many times. Also accompanying the new couple and notice them such as head over heals are expressed in a nice way. Do watch that guy for sometime whether he keeps on treating that gal like a prince by doing such things:)

Renu said...

such a feel good post:), today's good bahu's also sleep late sometimes:) would love to know what that girl was doing for him:), she was also in love na?

Abhishek Khanna said...

u did soo much work n u still call it lazy??

i wud have slept 18/24 hours to call it lazy

Amrita said...

@Renu - well the girl was playing the cool dudette with no public display of affection :D

Jack said...


You are making us jealous. May you have such good times more often.

Looking for your views on my lastest 2 posts.

This is my link here.

Take care Niceguy251

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

the picture matches perfectly :)
mango shake ~aaaaaaah!
mast hai yaar , but i remember how u once wrote about peeth me dard , well deserved break :)

Renu said...

I just hope she is as much in love as the guy:):)

Shalom said...

Wonderful!!! Its so refreshing to get a lovely break every now & then!!! Don't wait for the communists for the next one :P

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