Monday, June 8, 2009

We went greeeeeeeen

No no no not with envy.

Friday, 5th of June was World Environment Day, which had the city plastered with images of save the earth, save water, save the sky and what not. And the next day, which had devil's numbers of 06/06 - K and I went an extra pedal to go green. While other couples may be hitting at the new Ford Icon or the Honda or the Nano (for them who want to start small), we went ahead an bought a Hercules Arrow.

For people getting this image in their mind and wondering what gibberish am I muttering - This is what we exactly brought home.

And it was such a wonderful little thing. K rode it the way back from the showroom and he was sweating! And he did feel glad about some of the tomato tummy melting away :) The next day I felt like a child again going round and round in the cycle within the apartment complex :D Felt silly no doubt at first but after a point the inhibitions were also gone.

We were long contemplating the prospect of getting one more vehicle - because sometimes when there were clashes of appointments among the 3 of us, we ended up either siphoning money to the auto rickshaw owners community or one of us ended up chucking the whole plan. And it was never for long distance, only one of us would actually be venturing on a longish journey while the other would be needing the vehicle for a short errand within the perimeter of 5 kms. Under such circumstances buying another vehicle was not so much of a solution, since we were sure the vehicle would just lie around and rot. We keep such busy schedules, we hardly get time to go around a lot. And whenever its long distance its a taxi. So buying a vehicle for running errands was not sound economics at all. But then lately, especially mil's temple trips and my gym routines were clashing a lot.

K had be hinting at buying a bicycle for exercise purpose for a long time - but he wanted that old fashioned, tall, black and ugly looking bicycle made eternal by the Daakiya daak laya song. I somehow convinced him to getting a unisex model in a neutral grey color and one which was a decent compromise to our jarring height difference :)

It was some buy! :) We were thrilled to own it. K and I have vowed to take it for all the short trips around. No more scooty when either of us is going anywhere within 5 kms at least.

Today morning I felt especially proud. I always believe myself to be an environmentally concious person. As far as possible I try to avoid plastic bags, don't litter around, try to educate others and so on. But today, when I took the cycle, I felt really good. Afterall if each drop can make an ocean, each person's small act can change the world. Can't it?


Shalom said...

Oh wow, that's really great!!! I haven't ridden a cycle since I was 13, but would love to get back to it someday! And yes, if everyone does what they can, it does add up to a huge difference.

Piper .. said...

:) your new bike`s a beauty! I myself am very fond of biking. And more so, since I cant drive, I have to bike my way to campus or wherever I want to go. That way I dont have to be dependent on The G for everything! :) Great to read your posts again!

Satish (a.k.a) Bhaashaa said...

So for people like me who does not know how to ride a bicycle ... where is the option ??? I am so dependent on my car and hence I am not doing any good to the env :(. But at least I make sure that I do freq emission tests and make sure I dont dent the ozone layer anymore.

Good Luck on your new hire ... oops .. tyre ;)

Amrita said...

@Piper- Thankss
@Satish- Thanks for ur good wishes :P

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

really a great idea...paise bhi bache ,..environ ka bhi bhala hua and exercise bhi...multitask

Shylu said...

Real fun!!!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I think that is a great investment :-)

Jack said...


How I wish there are more persons like you! Be careful of traffic and mischief mongers while cycling.

Take care

Abhishek Khanna said...

wanna race?

Amrita said...

@Jack - You are always like a concerned uncle giving apt advise. I really appreciate your care and concern :) Feels nice
@Abhi - Na baba i aint no biker shiker.. nehi karna race

Renu said...

Great way to go Amrita ! We have one more thing for the environment.
Here in Europe people use bicyckle so much and I have seen some beautiful bycycles with a special attachment for kids even..pram type. and then those bycvle with basket in front are so common.
This mode of transpot is good all the way...saves fule, environment and gives u exercise even.. so great buy:) congrats!!

Deeps said...

We need more people like you to make our world a better place to live.It was a refreshing feeling after reading your post.Kudos to you and K for being so environmentally aware.

Talking of bicycle reminds me of an incident that happened a couple of months back.We had gone on a weekend getaway to a resort wherein the guests were given bicycles to ride around the resort and enjoy the beauty.My husband & I were so kicked up about it that we took one and decided one of us would ride while the other walked with Namnam.R was zigged,zagged and zoomed while Namnam and I watched in delight.When it was my turn I hopped on in full confidence as I was sure I would have a blast riding.
But as I sat on it I just couldnt get the grip and lost my balance and THUD!I was on flat on the ground.Throughout the day the father & the daughter were making fun and laughing at my expense!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

tring tring :)
i don't know how to ride a bicycle even after trying incessantly every summer holiday of my school life !!!

go green

Deeps said...

hey u've been tagged

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