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Thanks a ton Ashu for giving some exercise to my grey cells. :) Here comes a very lenghty tag.. Brace yourself.
1. Last drink: Coffee
2. Last phone call: With Mommmmy3. Last text message: Some Airtel promotion message
4. Last song you listened to:Something on in my gym maybe Britney Spears crooning "I was born to make you happy"
5. Last time you cried: Last weekend maybe. I was boredddddd cos K would nt give me the laptop. I still cry if I am bored :D A trait that has remained since I was a toddler.
6. Dated someone twice: K who else.
7. Been cheated upon? Cheated - Guess no.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it? Hell no
9. Lost someone special? Hmm I dont think so.
10. Been depressed? Of course!! And I tell you its an awful feeling.
11. Been drunk and threw up? Nopes
12. Red
13. Black
14. Blue

15. Made new friends: Yes :) Luckily started it in school when I chanced upon Sameepa. She was a friend to stay.
16. Fallen out of love: No - …

Mera time kuch kharab chal raha hai :(

Yesterday was a very long day for me. Yesterday I was pick pocketed. Yes - you guys heard it right, and I am bad at keeping suspense and revealing at the very end as to why yesterday was a very long day for me - I was robbed of my wallet. Of the zillion + 1 things I carry in my big as a rucksack purse, the small cute navy blue wallet was what was chosen by the disreputable thief. And with it went 800 odd rupees, one ICICI platinum card, one ICICI silver card and 2 debit cards :( Thats why I said, mera time kuch kharab chal raha hai :(

Now back to the basics, how did it happen. Well yesterday I chanced to get into a bus to commute to office. As per my habit I paid for the ticket and went ahead to read Love in the time of Cholera. When I alighted from the bus, my purse felt a teeeeeny weeeeny lighter and I checked - the wallet was MISSING! Now till then I gave no thought as to who, when, how - I ran to the nearest auto. The urgency in my tone was sufficient to convey to the auto driver w…

We have moved on and How!

Some days back I saw the wedding pics of a college mate of mine. I was kind of close to her at one point of time, but over the years our alignments and affiliations changed, and we formed our own distinctive circle of friends. Thanks to orkut, we kept getting updates on whats happening in the other person's life. When I saw her wedding pics 2 days back, I felt 2 things - first nostalgic - yea this was the way I had wedded some 15 months back and secondly - I thought how much we have moved on.

Most of my friends are married. Some nearly for half decades now, some in the seven year itch state :). Some are mothers! And most on the lookout for alliances or waiting for their turn to tie the knot. Some of my friends had improbable demands - and I saw them acquiesce real timidly to the charms of the guy and the whims of destiny. Some had long time sweethearts turned into soul mates. Some had difficult conditions and heavy baggage to carry but ended up getting the perfect person to share …

Mazdoor Union

Zindabad zindabad!!

I hate communism. But I Lourveeeeeeee them for giving us Labor Day! Chuttiiiiiiiiii!!

This was a weekend I was awaiting with bated breath. This year since its inception has been damn hectic; and all my plans of taking breaks, vacations, time offs have been going for a toss. I have had to work on weekends- many times on my own volition, on holidays, work from home after office hours and all that jazz. I was anticipating something untoward to happen this long weekend too - upar se election vilection ka time hai bhai - one never knows.

But then I think good Lord looking over me from the high heavens thought, ok let the sloth sloth around this time. And I ended up having the lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzziest 3 days possible.

Friday I lazily woke up at 8 ( very late by the standard of a good bahu) Once done with the morn chores and seeing K off (he had office all the 3 days) and done with an early lunch - I hit the bed. And i dozed a good 4 hours! Evening I caught up with some blogs, o…