Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An end and a day of beginnings

All good things come to an end and so did the holiday season. It was something dreams are made up of. I was with my parents and sister and we never did anything out of the world. The only thing we actually did was spend time with each other doing the simple day to day things.

I got my mom one day to office, and that being the very day, the car broke down cos of the battery giving up. Thank God mom was with me, else I would have really freaked out. That day it really struck me how less is the penetration of English in Chennai. Somehow I have never been bothered by Tamil being the lingua franca in Chennai. But when things were really bad that day, we were just not able to communicate to folks in the company Tata motors and Exide what was wrong. It was really exasperating. In any state I have been in, the folks speak at least one other language apart from the primary language. But that is just not the way things work here. My apologies if I hurt the feelings of any Tamil speaking reader, but seriously that was one day I wished for petty politics, Hindi was not ostracised as it is in TamilNadu.

Hmm anyways enough of the drab stuff. The next day mom was home alone and poor thing, she spent the day watching 2 sad movies - Traffic Signal and Pinjar :) She heaved a sigh of relief once I was back. The following day I decided to work from home to be with her. While I was busy with work, there she was like my mom of olden times. In my childhood, my mom always made it a point to be near me when I was studying for important exams. She would eat with me, sleep near me, do whatever she had to do sitting near me. There were barely moments when she left me - being that strong solid pillar of support. That was the way I felt she was that day. Once work was done, we took a long stroll on the beach.

Dad and sister came to town on the 31st evening a ruckus broke in the house. We were our boisterous self, cracking jokes and I soaked in the pleasure of speaking in my mother tongue. Mil was on a week long pilgrimage, which made my dad feel even more comfortable and be at his louder best :D Shopping at T Nagar, going to temples, cooking a variety of dishes and road side shopping at Adyar and Besant Nagar, we did it all. But what I enjoyed the most was the long walks we took when we went shopping in and around Besant Nagar. We would venture out for sometime but when we got back, the clock would show 4 hours having passed! And we would realise we had walked and shopped the entire duration! I was so cocooned by my family, that I did not mind K partying the whole night of New Year Eve with his colleagues. I even did not mind him being down with a hangover of the New Year. I had 3 people making up for the love and attention he would shower ;) *evil*

But then came the morning of 3rd January when I had to see them off. It did not feel as painful as it would have been if it would have been just my parents. Since sis was along with them, I was more peaceful. My parents were well covered for. And so was my sister. I missed them immensely when I got home, but then, this is life.

The next day, was the first day of the new year at work! K had a new schedule to stick to which was much earlier than his prior timings. :( And I had picked up walking. The doc had advised me against gymming following the typhoid attack. So I took to walking, reminiscing the lovely walks I used to take with a dear friend when I was in Calcutta and the refreshing ones I used to take with roomie dear in Hyderabad. But now I just got the ipod for company and the vast expanse of the sea. I also started taking the car independently to work - a thrill! and the first time was a fright!! A dream has come true after 22 months! :D

Heres hoping things remain sunny. And hoping all my readers had a wonderful start to the new year. :)


Renu said...

Wah Amrita! enjoyed to the hilt..I envy you:)

I miss those walks and buying road sides, eating in stalls and sitting somewhere outside drinking tea:(

Sometimes I also wish that either I could pick tamil or they know hindi:)..life would be so much better.

Wishig you the same happiness through out they year!!

Abhishek Khanna said...

take extra care of ur battery in winters.. though i am not sure you people have a season called winters in chennai.. cars are like pets, you leave them alone for sometime and they start to act rowdy..

by the way a happy happy new year.. hope to read more of your posts in 2010..

i remember i read T.Nagar in 3 states by chetan bhagat :D

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

its the little things that matter, right?
Glad you had a good holiday season :-)

Shylu said...

And i caught u road shopping!!!!
Loved ur mom's loving hold!!

Amrita said...

Shylu- yeaa u caught me :)
My mom liked you a lot too :)

Nilu said...

Hi Amrita!

You've been Awarded! Be sure to collect your award & enjoy!



Ashma said...

Nice post.. and i totally agree with u on how moms always try to revolve their life around kids.. even my mom used to do that during my exams,, i still remember the fabulous coffee she used to make during my late night studies.. :) and glad to hear u had such a lovely holiday season!! Wishes for a great and beautiful year ahead!! :)

Shalom said...

Happy New Year!!!! Glad you had such an amazing time with your family, mine is also a similar story right now, which is why I also took a lil blogging break. Anyway, wishing you a great year ahead with more great developments professionally & personally :D

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