Monday, January 18, 2010

Ummmm holidaaayss

I simply love holidays. I love the feeling I get the day prior to the holiday. I feel all holidayie :D This time Pongal was the one I was looking for. We were not supposed to do any celebrations since K's paternal had grandma passed away. So we ended up having the time as I love to have. Generally on celebrations day out here, we rise and shine real early and things get done quicker. By 10 in the morning the inmates of the house are jobless with all things done. What follows then is a date with the tv. It is a heavy contrast to the scene at my parents place where we all loll around in the bed late and spend all the time in the world chit chatting and wasting time and eating gorgeous amounts of food!

This time since there was nothing much to be done, we decided it would be 3D Avatar followed by lunch outside. The 3 of us made a real family outing for the first time. Prior to this all the trips we had made in the car had been for some task or the other. Picking someone from the airport/station, going to get something from the shop, dropping someone on the way somewhere - there was always a deadline and a business motive behind the usage of the vehicle. But this time around the purpose was purely pleasure :) With songs in full blast, off we headed to the mall cum multiplex. Since we had some time to spare, we lounged around the mall. And no one simply strolls around with so many wares on the shelves and credit cards in the pocket. So there we went all berserk with mil buying some devotional CDs (I also got a Ganesh Vandana CD on her reco and it was real good!), me laying my hands on some real nice books and perfumes and K too grabbing his share of deos. After the exhilarating retail experience it was off to Pandora.

We had a good lunch at Sangeeta and then went to K's maternal grandma's place to spend some time there. The evening rounded off early since there was the last day standing to be ticked off before the week ended. Friday the office bore a deserted look thanks to 2nd day of Pongal as well as the solar eclipse. I really like that look of my workplace somehow :) There is less noise, less people to disturb one and of course smoother traffic to and from work! Saturday was spent with family and evening attending the reception of one of K's college mates. Thankfully mil accompanied us since the friend of K's was once their neighbour too. Cos she was there, I had good company. Its really a pleasure to see old friends meet. They just loose count of place and time. It nice to see, K still managing to have his bunch with him while it makes me all the more nostalgic and yearn for mine. Touchwood, friends are really the family you choose.

Sunday again I could spend happily with a book since there was nothing much to be done. The one thing that kind of kept bothering me was my mom not doing well. She s been down with some acute gastric problem for quite some time. One saving grace is the presence of my sister - who is both able to take care of her and the home. I hope mommy recovers soon :S

Now that the weekend is over, a major festival of TN is over, there will be no sights of decorations welcoming one on the roads. There will be no more hearty laughters and idle chit chat as people gear to take on a festival head on. Heres to just miles of work ahead :(


Satish N said...

Without friends our world will enter a big ball of oblivion in this planet.

And this post of yours makes me think that you have stopped growing mentally since school ;)))) this sounds like a kid who refuses to go to school every monday morning :))))

Reflections said...

U r so right abt friends being the family we choose:-)

Hope ur mom gets well soon!!!

Chan said...

Hey nice post. You noe first thing i did coming to office after pongal holidays was to see when is the next holiday...Wish we celebrate all festivals of all states with holidays....

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hhehhe mall ka kamal :D even my hols have finally started *thankgod* and abhi to thandi ka maza lena hai. i liked that part abt 'car trips used to be only with a buisness motive' hhehe.

oh and i hope u don't mind but...
*sari jawani katrake kati,
piri me takra rahe hai*

matlab hai ki *i saved myself from love all this while,all through youth. but now that its almost over i've slipped and fallen into love'

beautiful song :)

Renu said...

Wish your mom a sppedy recovery! and where were you, Iwanted to tell you about bloggers meet.

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