Missing and I

No I do not have a mutt named "missing" - this is more about the verb "missing". I think missing is one of my pastimes. I miss many things, people, hobbies, activities, places, soaps, old times - many many things. K used to say I collectively miss stuff. Yea maybe there is some truth in there.

The silliest thing I did in this respect was during my summer internship. That time we were 3 very good friends doing our internship in Delhi. We had one HELL of a time there. I will remember those 45 as one of the mosssssssssssst BEAUTIFUL times A, B and I spent. Sometime maybe I should put a post about our adventures in detail. And when we were finally to wrap up stuff and leave, A and B were travelling by a train at 1400 hours for which they had to leave home at 1200 and I was travelling by a train at 1800 hours for which I was to leave home at 1600 hours. I was to be "alone" for 4 hours. And I cant explain how muchhhhhhh I have cried. And not just me, A and B cried tons too - missing each other, missing the time spent there, missing our shopping sprees , missing our crushes ( 3 of us managed to have crushes ;) ) and God knows what all. And we were crying as if the world was breaking apart while in another 2 weeks time we had to get back to the same college and spend one more good year together :) Heights of silliness- you bet :)

When I used to stay in hostel during my graduation days, I used to start missing home 2 days before I left home back for the hostel. I would eat meals as if I was to be forced into starvation after some days. I would see the delicacies made by mom and morosely state - this is the last time I am having matar paneer. My sis would yell saying cmon you are not going to die, why make a big deal of everything? But then me being the typical me, would mull and sulk over every single thing. That would be the case every single time during my trips from home to hostel and went forward even when I got working.

During my working days when I used to stay in an apartment with other folks from the same field, I saw a lot of transitions. As is in vogue in software culture, I saw a lot of people moving in and moving out of the apartment. And boy o boy, if someone close to me was moving out, I would be too sad. I would imagine, how lonely I would be without the person, how I would miss my friend and I would go on and on thinking about all the good times.For that matter, when I moved out of Hyderabad (a place I louve and miss till date :D ) to be with K, I missed my roomies sooo much. I remember stepping into the house and K giving me the biggest bear hug in the world and I started wailing! He was aghast! Then mega pissed when I said I am missing my roomie :) I think I called her many times and only when she said she was shopping in Charminar that I felt relieved and better. We both have moved on a lot, and I still do miss her a lot :) :)

Even before making my trips to Bbsr to my parents place, I would start missing K and my colleagues and lunch mates!! some 3-4 days before :) Yes yes, silly again , but then thats typically me. So one can imagine with this streak what a ruckus I might have raised before K was slated to leave India. I used to miss him so much before he started. I would miss him and cry silently and then gradually increase the decibel level :) K being K would start at his comforting best but then would go on to being peeved and then the pitch would increase to pure lambasting. Even now there are pangs when I miss him a lot. But then its not as bad as I had imagined it to be. I have no idea when I can see him again, it can be something as close to 3 months and as far as a year. But one thing I am very certain of, this phase will teach me a lot- like all difficult times have. I will be conditioned to face many more ravages that life and time might throw.


Shylu said…
"while in another 2 weeks time we had to get back to the same college and spend one more good year together :)"

Ada paavi.....

"Then mega pissed when I said I am missing my roomie :)"

Poor K ..ha haaaaaaaaa

"then gradually increase the decibel level"

Having a hard time controlling my laugh!!!

Good post!!
Shallu Goyal said…
hehehhehe a very nice postt...it literally reminded me of my young sis...she is just the same...when she comes back home from hostel ( every single weekend) she enters into the house as if she is entering there after agess!! and believe my mother never ever misses to notice " kinni jyada weak ho gai hai" gosh!! ppl tend to lose tonnes in just 5 days!!..and then she will call me for every single thing she eats n njoys it double aftre seeing my reaction..:) well thats wat life is all about..cherishing small small things in a special way everytime every single momkent..:) and heheheh i can imagine ur decible level...:) well i hav never heard that but hav seen ur face once u r at ur normal pitch...it really doesnt look that good..:) so just for ur facial glow sake keep the decible level normal n dontt ever cry..:)
Satish N said…
ROTFL :) Nostaliga is it ?? Life is always beautiful if it brings a smile on our face when we think of our past :)
Abhishek Khanna said…
aaand i was about to write something silly till i reached the last paragraph and realized the reason behind the post..

btw .. can u audio record the decibel levels and share the file please :D
I suppose we all miss the good things in our lives at one point :-)
Nilu said…
Ha! You're the opposite of me!

Look what I write here:
Renu said…
Woh Amrita..this post shows how lovable person you are..you love everyone so much...

I can empathise with you as I also did everything in the same way when my H went abroad for 10 months..and now I feel so sheepish at my theatrics then, because it was he who was going to live in an alien country without family and familiar food, but it was I who was lamenting, instead of giving him moral support.
Amrita said…
@Satish - Aint nostalgia allllll the time.. its something which is just about missing stuff..
@Renu- Theatrics is the perrrrrfect word for what we women put up :)
Abhishek Khanna said…
@renu @amrita - is nautanki the right translation for theatrics ? :D :D
Amrita said…
@Abhi - Yea kinda :D
Waise I am curious to the silly comment u were about to post.
Parmer said…
Good post!! I was about to write something silly till i reached the last paragraph and realized the reason behind the post..it really look that good.

Distance learning university
Renu said…
I always pri=ded myself in knowing pure hindi..but this question has made my claim so hollow:)..I am at a loss...may be its ok..nautanki has multiple meanings..

nautanki means those..plays cum dances in villages

and nautanki is a sort of idiom..kya nautanki kar rahe ho:)

But theatrics..its an art...but then nautankiis also an art..hey I am completely confused..I will think about it and then come here later.
Reflections said…
Awwwww......u hang in there girl, time will just fly past....soon it will time to see him:-).

U tek care!!!!!

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