Saturday, January 29, 2011

Heroine worship

I love Friday evenings. Who does'nt. But I love them a lot. Friday evenings are the time, when K comes home early. And then after spending an hour or so with me, goes for his weekly daaru party with the 'boys'. I am left all by myself.

I do not spend the time doing some super useful productive work. I go for the latest uploads of the soap Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa. Its not that I am an ardent follower of the show, or like any contestant in particular. It is just for the  diva who graces one of the judges chair - yep, call me oldddddddd school but I simply worship Madhuri Dixit.

I know I am just among the countless Bollywood followers, who one time liked her movies.But she seems to have a strange hold over me. I remember way back in school, I used to vehemently support her when fans of Sreedevi used to chastise her for not being talented enough.  I would watch every Madhuri Dixit movie with such alacrity. Dil,Beta,Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Tezaab, Parinda,Khalnayak, Mrityudand-these are names which are coming on the fly, but each and every work of her, is nearly indelible in my mind.

More than just her acting, her dancing, her prettiness, it was her aura of being a good person and being a model celebrity than most captivated me! K scolds me for this, but I am not an objective person, I take another person in totality. It is much more important in my yardsticks to be a good person rather than to be a successful person. I hold the same thing for celebs too. I don't understand how could marriages of 10 years falter (marriages are for keeps, yes old school again!) , so in the same light Aamir Khan, Azharuddin, Tiger Woods and many more, fall from grace when they go for another woman. I knowwwwww, its irrational, they are not brand ambassadors for morality. But then, I feel, one should be 'morally' and 'ethically' unquestionable be it in public or private domain. For this reason I would worship the ground beneath the feet of Sachin Tendulkar (another person whose picture itself can bring a smile of admiration on my face).

I think I am deviating from the issue at hand. The thing is she still enthrals me like she always used to. I have a silly smile on my face when I hear her re-living her experiences. I am still  so charmed when she takes on the dance floor. I know people will sing praises and nothing but praises in the face of a person. But when the contestants and her peers tell she was this and that, and a nice person and bestow a whole lot of laurels on her, I choose to believe each and every word of it. I really see her living the life which is so model -  an atrociously talented person, who inspite of being in the tinseltown, was some how monk-ishly untouched by the vagaries of fame,  someone who married so sensibly rather than going with the trend of getting married to someone from her own trade, someone who knew where her priorities lay and settled to domesticity.When K struts by and mocks her, or makes some smart comment, I take offense. I am like in a shrine, where I am held in awe by the one and only Madhuri Dixit- someone who was really number one and insurmountable in my growing years. 

I can go on and on waxing eloquent about her every facet, she is a true diva in every sense of the term for me. 

PS.These thoughts are entirely mine, readers may choose to disagree. I just like her so much, that I could not help but write a post about her.


rash_0201 said...

how true! we are talking about a DIVA . one that spoiled a generation for anyone else.she had a midas touch and still makes your heart skip a beat with her dazzling smile.

Amrita said...

Rash - How true!

Nilu said...


I found something in common with you here...I am also a true, die-hard fan of Madhuri! There's truly something about her...I am besotted!

Ashma said...

So true... she is indeed a Diva.. :)

Rita said...

You are right, she is truly unparalleled actress and a great human being, check these sites

Raajii said...

I think she is amazing too!

deepsspeakingup said...

I'm with you, amrita!!I'm an ardent Madhuri fan! She has conducted herself amazingly well.A nd yes she comes across as a wonderful human being too.

The Furobiker said...

i watch Dance india dance, but i am not a huge fan of either gita maa or mithun dada

i like the quality of contestants they pick up.. it always feels a tad better than other dance shows..

+ i was a fan of madhuri too (though only in her times :D )

ankitamudra60 said...

I love and respect her so much. Everyone in the film industry, old and young love her, if I ever get to meet Madhuriji I will do what Rani Mukherji has done. I will do Madhuriji a sastang pranam.

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