Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A good weekend

Just done with a long weekend and it feels great! Most weekends are made up of K going to work as usual, so they never give me  a feel of being any different from the other days. The only difference might be K runs down to have his lunches. But then its all the same with some time spent on books, some on the telly and others chatting and lazying around. But this weekend was fulfilling to the hilt. I spent Saturday in going back to cooking like I had not done in a long time. I dished out Puris, Jeera Rice, Chole, Aloo Capsicum, Gajar ka Halwa and Raita. I wanted to eat a huge meal and I left no stone unturned in cooking one up. we lapped up the dishes not knowing there was more food coming our way. One of K's colleagues extended an invitation for dinner. Hmm.. more more food. We were groaning literally like pythons but the food was so scrumptious that we took one helping after another of Dahi Vadas, Dosas and Idlies. Oh boy, gluttony is so so sinful. We all had a really good time and it was at 2300 that we finally hit home.

Now the bank holiday weekend had SVU top 10 episodes. And thats what we got latched on to once we reached home. Inspite of being sleepy and stuffed, we braced up and watched one nail biting episode after another.

Sunday K had to scoot back to work, while we saas-bahu took it slow. I had a good long chat with folks back home. In the evening it was Cowboys and Aliens (a movie not to be watched at all!!).  Once back it was late night TV with SVU again :)

Holiday Monday was jam packed. Mil took over the kitchen while I got busy with doing stuff around the house. After a weather-wise cold and damp Sunday, Monday looked sunnier which pepped me to no end. Then the best part of the day came up. Roomie dear called me. It was such an amazing pleasure catching up with her and realising how we still have so much in common. :) It was simply brilliant. After having a lunch which was to die for, I took a quick nap. Then along came another of K's colleagues who is a good pal of mine. And off we 3 went for some shopping. It was an exclusive 'me' shopping with both mil and B giving me a barrage of choices. Its so easy to shop with females, men simply do not understand the nuances we see. A really exhilarating shopping session later, my wardrobe was richer by 4 items while I was poorer by many many pounds. The good run continued as we all sat down for tea and lots of gossipping. We literally set the house on fire till K came back. The evening saw the consumption of mooli parathas and the top 3 SVU episodes.

The weekend was satisfying and relaxing in every way possible and I loved every bit of it! (Touchwood)


Renu said...

wow ..what a weekend:)

Shallu Goyal said...

equally loved talking to u..:))

The Furobiker said...

jaha bhi khane ka naam aata hai , mera dil ekdum garden garden ho jata hai :D :D

btw kya haal chaal hain, u wrote after a long time?

enjoying the last glimpses of sun for this year? :D

Ashma said...

heheh... u ARE digging into food big time.. :D keep it up..;-)

yeah weekends should be like this only.. with loads of relaxation and lazy time included..

PS: let me read the remaining posts u wrote.. :)

Amrita said...

@Furobiker - Yea last few days of sun out here :(

Reflections said...

Food and lots of food huh....everything sounds so yummy and must have tasted out yummilicious huh;-D. Enjoyyyyyy!!!

Going thru the other posts made me realise tht its been a long time since I visited u....u r in a different country now;-o

p.s: I'm sure I mentioned this earlier, why isnt the date mentioned anywhere on ur posts?????

Jack said...


May you have more such enjoyable week ends. When do I get to taste GAJJAR HALWA?

Take care

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