Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Survival skills of a new mom

Well its been 4 weeks on the new job and boy do you have to adapt fast. Its literally a baby eats mother world out there. I will be adding on to the skills acquired, but as of now these are the path breaking ones :)

  1. Sleep when she sleeps and eat when she eats - Yes every well meaning veteran says this and every new mom vouches this is not done. But for my survival it ended up being like the Brahmastra. There were dishes to be done, clothes to be folded and the house looked like a war camp. I let it be. With time I realised I dont need all that naps the baby does. That was the time to catch up :)
  2. Manage to use 2 hands like 4. So while feeding there goes on blogging and chatting with the a telephone conversation in loudspeaker mode with folks back in India. Its eating and rocking the cradle while  searching online for lullabies all together.
  3. Keep anything and everything at arms length. So got the cell phone, tv remotes, lip balm, headache balm, tissues, bottle of water, the book being read, bibs, pillows - you name it. I can reach any of them with a mere stretch of the hand.  
  4. You offer help, I make sure I take it. K and I were blessed to have colleagues around who brought in food on a regular basis. We would not have been able to survive without them. I cant thank them enough for whatever they did. And when some offered to cook something when they came home - I in the most unabashed fashion have said - 'Go ahead there are some veggies in the fridge'.
  5. Make your partner work. So I have made K do alllllll the house work during his paternity leave. Post that, he feeds me most of the time - so that we can have our meals together. He does the first and the last nappy change of the day. He also wakes up in the middle of the night for the feeds so that we can also share a mid-night snack :) 
Well. There go my new fangled skills. Experienced moms please do pitch in :)


Anonymous said...

It seems like you're already doing so well!!!! So, no tips!

Amrita said...

Oh Thanks Nilu!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I am loving this turn your life and blog has taken :)

baby baby babiiee :)

Raphael said...

thumbs up to the new mommy. you go girl!

fight and stay strong =D

i know this cheer sounds more befitting for war prep. but then again, child raising sorta is like a battle if i'm to believe my cousins =)

The Furobiker said...

yo mummyjee!! good going!

Photo shoto daalo kuch!

Jack said...


Read all pending posts. At first I thought of not saying anything but could not resist to say May God bless Vaibhavi with all the happiness. Please give her a hug from my side.

Take care

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