Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fare thee well till we meet again

Friends are some of the dearest gifts in life. I am blessed to have some real darlings in my life. 

It was a chance trip to  Wales that ended up in me being friends with B. It started off with small talk, but slowly the boundaries and the hesitations were lost as we forged a new friendship. Our mutual interest for walks was a facet that bonded us. It started off evening walks and step up sessions. We then hit upon another common interest - cooking. So there ensued swapping of recipes, dishes, sites with recipes and the whole nine yards. She was wonderful company for shopping and we spend quite a bit of time strolling the streets. I am not into shopping but with her it was fun somehow. Her vivaciousness was contagious. I will forever remember those chats in coffee shops and the frenzy with which she used to take photographs. She never missed a moment and lived each to the hilt. There were many evenings over the weekends later once we moved houses, when even if we were not hanging out together, we spent long hours chatting over the internet. 

I will always remember the long weekend of Easter last year, where we spent every single day doing something fun.We in fact even spent a day studying! Ironically it was fun doing so with someone whose company you enjoyed. She was major help bringing me dishes I craved for during my pregnancy days. She was also a dear to load my iPod with good devotional music so that I did nt end up listening to only the catchy numbers I am generally hooked to :D She always reached out to me for advise and I always felt like an elder sister to her. I was at many times brutal in my advise to her. If I felt she was wrong, I did not hold it back at all. I hope she appreciated it :)I hope :)

The news of her travel back to India came as a surprise to me for sure. Somehow I felt as if someone who was as close as family was leaving. We spent a lot of time in the evenings towards the end. It was real fun chatting and discussing stuff. And she was an angel to cook  dinner for us while I took care of the munchkin. I was very glad that she chose to spend the last night in Leeds at our home. Though I was not able to spend a lot of time with her and chat till the wee hours, which I would have so loved - it felt nice that she was around. 

The morning of her travel came as any other. I was filled with a bitter-sweet emotion as I bid her goodbye. I know we will surely meet each other back in India. I know she would be with her parents and siblings in 24 hours time and would so so so love it. I know many better things would come her way with this movement. But then I was going to miss her terribly. 

Good luck dear friend! 


The Furobiker said...

good post mummyjee. waise i have observed ki outside India, whenever we make friendships with people, it is really very close. I miss my friends in Romania. And you get to know them and like them so much because they are the only ones who can understand you and your thoughts out there.

Waise when u coming to hindustan, or u r in queens land for a long time?

Jack said...


Cherish these good memories and hope to meet again some time. You both can keep in touch but of course that is not like being together.

Take care

Amrita said...

@Furobiker - Being here jab tak daana paani hai :) Mostly till the year end only.

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