Thursday, April 12, 2012

General khair khabar

Just had a long Easter weekend which was a welcome respite. So these are the small  itsy bitsy happenings in my world. 
  • Friday managed to step out to a mall. It was the very first time since guddlu was born. And it was so refreshing. Since it was a baby friendly mall, we managed to deliver the regular feeds to munch bunch and roamed around for close to 5 hours. We even dined in a restaurant while the baby slept like an angel. It was refreshing.
  • Saturday we had plans to go the local farmer's market. There is a lady who during my pregnancy was insistent that I come over and show the baby once its born.  I went to pay her a visit. And boy she was happy. She came over and hugged me and congratulated me. It was really a very warm moment for me which I shall cherish for ever. That followed a really scrumptious breakfast of crepes. I even inquired at the local health club for the swimming facilities. I am not sure when and how I can ever manage to get going, but getting the facts with me seemed like a first step enough :) The afternoon made another trip to the library where I was able to lay my hands on some really amazing books. Woo hoooooooooooooooo.
  • Sunday came up to date on all the episodes of MTV Roadies 9 :) 
  • Btw also watched Paan Singh Tomar. It is a brilliant movie to say the least. I am doing the propaganda of this movie to whoever I meet. It is a must must must watch.
  • A friend I made here is moving back to India. I am going to miss her terribly since I had spent some really amazing time with her. So Easter Monday we both took to the city center  for her last shopping spree. It was real fun to help her in her shopping. She was filled with nostalgia and so was I. But we were happy that we were able to afford a day to spend with each other. Like old times, we sat at a coffee shop and chatted. The last we had done that, I was pregnant. Now I was there with a baby in tow. How fast things move! And I felt strangely enabled and emboldened   by the fact that I was mobile and out and about with a baby.
  • And yesterday I ventured just with the kiddo for some shopping. These are baby steps I am taking to the being I used to be before I was a mother - so each tiny step is a special something :)


The Furobiker said...

good progress mummyjee! :D

are i just got an idea. There are some bloggers who have written books on their first kid, bringing up, these small small steps etc. Maybe you can also do something like that! ekdum superhit kitaab banegi!

Amrita said...

Furobiker - Koi padhega? Main soch rahi thi to write something, but then i also thot mere is blog ka hi book ban jayega :) Abhi to kuch nehi hua iska :D

Jack said...


I am so glad that things are moving fine. May God bless you all with happiness always.

Take care

PS : Swimming is a good exercise in all ways.

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