Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ingredients for a (near) perfect day

  • 20 mins of garma garam chai with Chennai granny on Skype
  • 20 mins of exercise 
  • The 5 month old falling asleep in the meanwhile with its dad for 45 mins
  • 60 minutes of rejuvenating chat with a dear friend ;) 
  • 45 minutes of respite utilized in making brownies while the 5 month old sleeps off again (The brownies look like gau maata's ahem excreta.... but taste fine :D ) 
  • 105 minutes of watching the Olympic Triathlon while ironing some much wrinkled clothes of the better half
  • 30 minutes of 'giggle time' with the 5 month old
  • 120 minutes of nap by the kiddo which gives you time to be just 37 pages away from the end of a book (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
  • 60 minutes of chat with BBSR granny 
  • 45 minutes of vigorous play while waitingggggggggg with bated breath for daddad to return (something special for dinnnnnnerrrr)
  • 30 minutes of very very very very very and veryyyyyyyy anxious wait for the pizza
  • 15 minutes of hogging down the pizza at break neck speed and by miracle the baby is asleep so mommy can afford to eat the slices with both hands (yea I eat pizza with both hands :P )
  • A forever thinking how divine the pizza was!!! (Yes I am a true foodie and that was the highlight of the day :D  Even K told your stomach got some action after a long time so I can understand your feelings ;)   ) 

The book, the pizza, the Olympics and a sleeping baby

Added later - of course the brownies from Mars ;) 


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

heheheh :)

what a nicely written post ..
Pizza is one of my favorite food too and I feel like getting one right now :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

and which book are you reading now ? :)

Shallu Goyal said...

hehehe niceeeeeeee....i was searching for the brownie pic!!!!

Amrita said...

I am reading A gate at the stairs by Lorre Moore... a new author.. writes decent.. also reading next by michael crichton... jus to savor some sci fi :D

Shallu Goyal said...

nicee....they look soft!!!..:)

The Furobiker said...

Your day looks much more planned and full than my outlook calendar ! :D

and who doesnt eat pizza with both hands? I mean except opera :D

I have been travelling much, for pleasure, almost every weekend these days, so kinda infrequent on the blog reading

Jack said...


What a enjoyable way to spend a day! I would love to eat those brownies anyday as those seem very good.

Take care

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