Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now comes the tough part

I had heard/read somewhere - the start is easy, its the continuation that is tough, especially the second day. I feel truer words have not been said. Be it anything - a study routine, a diet, morning walk, saying a prayer - the first day is done with such band baaja. With a sure shot hope that, everyday is going to be like this. I am going to study like this and complete all chapters and even have time for revision this exam. Nevaaa evaaa happenedddd in mah lifeeeee - revision karke exam likhne ki feeling kya hoti hai aaj tak nehi pata mujhe. I hope I get to write some exam in my life where I would have revised.  Amen to that :) This just gives me a cheeky feeling to brag a bit about myself. I always wished I would get 100 in an exam - always. There were many bright brains in my class who would bag a 100 as if it was some random number. But for me, it was always like 70 is brilliant! But then finally in my ripe old age, I wrote a certification. This one to be precise -->. And I got a 100!! Ahemmmmmm! Once it was over, all I was thinking about was getting to work. But then my manager made my day saying - 100!! Many people never get to see that. I was like yayyyyyyyyyyy yippppeeeeeee!!!

Anyways let me stop basking in long forgone glories. Same is the story about diet plans with me. I am not a proponent of dieting. I feel eating is one of the simplest pleasures of life. Just like sleeping! But then sometimes, my comfort eating goes a bit over board. I again derive comfort from the simplest of foods - tea and biscuits. Yep. I know empty calories and lots of calories. But what joy in breaking a nice crisp biscuit into 2 and dipping it in a hot mug of tea and savouring the soggy sweetness. Hmmm.... Thank God I just had a huge jug of tea else I would have left this post mid way and run to the stove. Back to my ramblings - to keep my inane cravings under a limit, I decide upon diet plans - which I start with alarming alacrity but somehow see my resolve shaking by day 2 (bas 2 biscuit main kaise guzaara hoga? Ek aur basssssss ek aur )

Morning walks,exercises,the  less said the better. I keep making and breaking schedules at break neck speed :) I was having similar doubts to this blog-athon that I picked up. Day 2, second blog, hoga ki nehi? But lagta hai this is one speed breaker handled :) 

Lets see number three :D


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

i don't know where my zest for blogging has gone :(
and now the bahana which i make for not doing any kind of exercise is " yaar mujhe wo keds pehnna acha nahi lagta " :P :P

once i got full marks , only to be told later that my teacher had awarded 2 extra marks galti se !
:life: *sigh*

Reflections said...

Tell me about it...
with gr8 fanfare i started it but after a week I was looking for a way out. But I just hung on determined to complete it...just get it into ur head tht posts dont have to be long...and u can write anything u want, IT'S UR BLOG remember;-D.

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