.............. phinised vatching Baarfee. Phew! 

I thought I would never able to get done with it. Boy it took 1.5 weeks gosh! This kiddo never lets me get done with a movie in one sitting. I somehow watched  1 hour 12 minutes of the movie in one sitting. After that it was just unbelievable. I get on with the movie and the kid screams for attention. I even put it up one time when she was too engrossed in her games to even notice her dad! But then I put on the VLC player and shes beside me all huffing and panting. Now I am strictly against babies watching tv - STRICTLY AGAINST. So I would grudgingly turn it off. 

I would get itsy bitsy opportunities but then I just would not be in the mood to watch - somehow :( At one point I was on the verge of giving up. I anyways knew the ending and other details. (Why was I watching it? Maybe just to form my opinion :P ) I digress. So there I was sometime snatching 3 minutes, other times 5 and not able to get to the end. So much so I watched this song close to 4 times. (Not that I mind, I somehow let the song grow over me and started liking it by 3.5th hearing :D ) 

Finally today afternoon Chiyaa slept off and I was able to sneak in the last bits of the movie. And boy did I feel waves of accomplishment gush over. :) It felt good :) 

Impressions of the movie? Well, it could have been tad better paced. Otherwise my overrunning thought was -sab kuch kitna sundar hai! Ileana is too pretty! Boy she was such a pretty sight to behold in the modern 70s getup as well as sarees! Darjeeling was ravishing. I loved the bit where Barfi takes Jhilmil to her old nanny. The sights are so breath taking, I felt like running through those fields then and there (I am not a person who likes greenery much :) ) The shots with the Howrah Bridge were also superb. Priyanka Chopra was the epitome of innocent beauty. Everything was beautiful. As the saying goes - a thing of beauty is a joy forever :) 


I liked the feeling the movie left me with and the smile it brings to my face when I remember some of my favorite scenes :)
Renu said…
one difference between us:).I like greenery a lot..
Shallu Goyal said…
I just loveee this song...i love the simplicity n innocence it portrays..:))
Reflections said…
I havent seen the movie yet but is on my must watch list along with SOTY;-D.
Jack said…

I am yet to see this movie. I agree with you that we should not let children become TV addicts.

Take care

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