Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's 15th already

Really? Did I manage it? 30 days of posting? Has the bla-bathon err I mean blog -athon really come to a close? :O

I usually finish what I start boring movies , dull books, mind numbing chores et al. I knew I would finish the blog -athon but sure enough I did run out of ideas in the middle. Thankfully some pictures and some 'inspiration' saved the day .

I wish I could have finished reading The Delivery Room and post a review if the same. I wish I could put some thoughts about a couple of documentaries I watched . I reallllllly wanted to try putting some recipes since that again is not something I had ever done. Some more movie reviews (my style) would have been good . But then let these after thoughts remain. Better luck next time ( I hear you people saying whaaaa she's gonna do it againnnnnn????) don't worry not soon :) But yes would love to repeat this. Maybe same time next year :) ;)

I seriously am lucky to have some readers - N, Jack, Amy, Renu, roomie dear and some others in stealth mode ;) honestly I may try to sound proud and say anyways it does nt matter I write for my own joy. It does make any writer happy to get a reader :)

As thus blog -athon has been done and dusted I am harboring some thoughts about running a marathon next year? Tooooo ambitious hai na? Especially for someone sitting on a bean bag with a room heater and shawl. Lemme see maybeeeee a blog -athon about my marathon preparation next time ;)


Jack said...


Congratulations on completing the Blogothon. Read 2 posts now and am now really yearning to taste some of your cookings. I agree with you that though one feels happy and content while writing but appreciation by readers works not only as icing on cake but encouragement also to write more & more.

Take care

Shreya said...

Nice post,like your blog. :)

Renu said...

I am always interested in what you are doing or writing:)

Amrita said...

Thanks a lottttttttt Renu and Jack.

Shreya - thanks for visiting, will stop by yours soon :)

Reflections said...

I too finish whtever I do...however boring it is;-).

And it's over...and so fast...honestly I felt the month flew past. And ofcourse u will attempt the blogathon next year....if only to see the post count go up...heheeeeehahahha;-D. Kidding, I was actually talking abt myself;-P.

See I love smileys too...I just get so bugged with blogger for not including them in here;-///

Now dont sit back thinking its over ...keeping posting ur thoughts, pictures anything. U take care Amrita!!!!

Amrita said...

Thanks Nancy! You have been tremendous!!!

Ashma said...

congratulations dear!! Good to see u complete the blogathon.. And go for the marathon dear.. I know u would be able to complete it if u decide on it!! :)

Ruchira said...

haha...these small daily problems make us think of the big picture.

I am sure John had a fabulous b'day with an ardent fan by his side, Amrita.

Good to come across your blog...following ya!

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