Friday, December 7, 2012

What it makes me do

This blog-athon is getting tougher by the day :( But it does make me do a lot of things :-

  • Makes me think more, look at things closely and feel things more intensely so that I get some material to put up. Its tough, but then I am not complaining, because the grey cells are having a good workout.
  • Makes me read more and read with speed. Now I am a very very slow reader.I wish I could read faster way faster and gobble all the books in the world. 
  • Makes me want to give more time to watch some meaningful stuff so that I could put up my expert comments
  • Makes me take better pictures and skim through the pictures and remember the stories behind them
Today started nice and sunny though cold. K had to start off for an exam. It felt weird. As in, every day, K goes to work and I am with Chiyaa, but today he had to travel to another city 40 mins away. I don't know why, but it felt as if he went a bit far. Its all in the head I know, but think about it, there is so much in the head! I ventured and got some groceries. I wanted to prepare something fancy for the baby of the house (that's K, the original baby :) ) I was having a mega craving for coffee today, and I did not shy away from it. The cold weather makes the cup of the bitter brew seem tastier. 

K passed the exam which somehow made me feel so relieved :) Having had my share of the special dinner, I am waiting to savor dessert and end the day with a flourish :) 

The dinner andddddddddd the the dessert :) 


Reflections said...

Thats exactly what I realised when I was doing my blogathon too.

U r doing GREAT & am thoroughly enjoying the ride Amrita!!!!

Jack said...


Congratulation to K on clearing examination. When do I get to taste this delicious preparation?

Take care

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