Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whatta day

Well, 12.12.12 came to and end. Fancy date.

And I got calls from lot of people telling me this :) Also asking what's special? Arre birthday hai jee mera.  :) I love my birthday (I love all birthdays, love the birthdays of everybody I love) But again in Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met style Main apni favourite hoon ;) 

Day started off with checking messages. Thanks to the advent of smart phones and everyone having installed Whatsapp or Viber or any one of the zillion things that makes instant communication possible (imagine my mom and mom in law are also hooked onto them) I got quite a few messages this time. Unlike the totally dry year of 2010. Facebook had lots of messages and unlike the super duper busy very important people who give global responses like 'thank you very much my sweet friends for your wishes you guys made my day' (many a times I would not have wished the person but would end up getting included in the message ;) and I seriously wonder who started this idea? Anddddd if you do not have the courtesy to thank people why put up your birthday in the first place? I think its so that people can wish you) Anyways there I gooooooo rambling like a person gone cuckoo :S

So after thanking my fb friends got on with Skype call with mil. She distributed sweets and cake on our behalf to nearby slum dwellers. The day then went in a whirl wind . I somehow ended up having quite a bit of cooking to do. Semolina kheer for chiyaa, rice and brinjal fry for lunch and then I realised the pineapple was getting over ripe so had to use it up in some chutney. I managed making all that in the nick of time .

Roomie dear, my friend B and Ashu made the day extra special by calling up. Evening was the usual call with mom and finally Sam had the spare time to call up- busy busy manager :) but the best was yet to come. I was getting ready to whip up some good dinner given K's highly erratic schedule when came his lovely message 'all set? We can start by 6:30' yayyyyyyyyyyy. Got ready and headed to an Italian place.

The food was awesome! But best was just being there with K inspite of the chaos of feeding Chiyaa, keeping her entertained and eating your own food. She got sleepy and cranky in the middle of it and I was willing her to somehow stay awake till the end of dinner. Food done we walked back through the deserted cold streets made so vibrant by the Christmas lights. There seriously is something in this time of the year. It's weirdly amazing how K and I barely have time thanks to the munchkin and still the little chit chats which last milli seconds are so priceless .

Chiyaa took a lil nap. It's 23:07 and she's active as a bird. And now I am willing her to sleep! Such are the ironies of life :)


Renu said...

wishing you many many more happy days like this!

These christmas days are really special there as we feel here on Diwali.

Reflections said...

Belated Birthday wishes Amrita!!!
Glad u had a good day:-)).

My friend from college days also celebrated hers yesterday. Called her and we spoke so much. It was lovely.

Amrita said...

Thanks Renu :)

Amrita said...

Thunku thunku :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ek baat batao! why did u remove our birthday notification from Facebook ? :(

reading what youve cooked always makes me hungry :P

Jack said...


So 12 12 12 is over. I thought your birthday is 19th, isn't it? Belated Happy Birthday if it is 12th.

Take care

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