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Straw that broke the camel's back and other stories

Wow! The title is pure genius! (Main apni favourite hoon :P) I wish someday I get published and maybe I will keep this as the name of my book. Thinking of which that was one of the reasons I started blogging. I thought I would be a prolific blogger, going on to be a best selling author and then I would have an easy peasy life giving press conferences, book readings and the regular sound bite on controversial issues to get my 5 minutes of fame once in a while. Pulling this chain of thought even further I infact wanted to be a journalist - a la Barkha Dutt. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would end up being an engineer - huh - I who makes 2+3 = 6 (in my defense I read the + as * and there by hangs another tale) . Well where have I digressed to do you see. Note to self - cannot become (successful) writer  if you dont hold the attention of your hapless reader.
Straw that broke the camel's back You know how babies are. You dont? Let me enlighten you. They (atleast mine) wake up in…

The Selfish Gene

I am not one into non fiction. If we dis-regard Rich Dad Poor Dad and Freakonomics and the books I read during pregnancy and for parenting :P . I was tempted to pick this book by an excerpt written on Facebook by an ex-colleague. It seemed very interesting and irresistible.  So I searched heaven and earth to get a copy and finally managed to get a torrent. Thus began my first book on an e-reader. ( I started off reading on K's tablet till he finally gifted me a kindle mini for anniversary. The best thing ever!!) 
Well coming back to the book by Richard Dawkins- it was nothing like what came through in the excerpt. It seemed more like a sociology book. It ended up being a treatise on zoology! Now I have always like biology through my growing years - more so my dad being a professor in Botany - it was inescapable rather. I always wanted to be a doctor too :( There there there I digress again. Huh. Where was I - the book. Yes. The book explains evolution from the perspective of genes.…

Bad mother

You are never good enough . You are full of limitations and do a job riddled with mistakes . You are always second guessing and mostly failing .
These are part and parcel of the emotional baggage of being a mom - so I had read :) I was never one of them . Yes there were the initial days when the little one was just days old and I was clueless as to why she was crying all the time. It took me a while to understand what works for her and what does not . But somehow I saw in myself an acquifer of patience . I am the one who is first to loose it - the bus is delayed, there is no electricity and my favourite show is on tv, I am not able to find something, my code is not working - I loose my patience . That was the one bit I was most scared of in being a mom. I am ok when things are happy but my lack of patience could make me a veritable monster for someone that feeble. Somehow my mid wife's words came true- she said women are meant to have babies don't worry trust your instincts .

Anniversary weekend

Yesterday we completed 5 years of wedded life. January though is a dull month as the holiday season ends and everyone gets on with 'life' has two occasions for me. One is Pongal/Makar Sankranti which post marriage is something I have gotten used to celebrating. The other being our wedding anniversary .
This year K being in his 'work like crazy' mode, I did not have much hopes in any fan fare. I was prepared to whip up something at home and have my way.
Friday evening K ended up coming home early since it seems everyone was pretty bugged with work and wanted a getaway . I had made rice and rasam(K's fav) and brinjal fry. The smile on his face when he saw that made my day. And seeing him take his time and eat slowly enjoying every morsel (though no 'actual' compliments were uttered ) was in itself the biggest compliment. We both are pretty hooked to Mahadev on Star Life OK ;) Watching re-runs of the show and playing hide and seek with Chiyaa was the most awes…

This Wednesday feels like a Monday is nt it?

The festive season is over - with a little pop. The year 2012 started waning with some negativity. K was  in a bad mood on the night of 31st. Office worries as usual :( He kept dilly dallying between what to do and what not. But then whose spirits a warm cup of ginger tea cant rev up ?
He had downloaded some critically acclaimed movies of the year 2012. We had started watching them since the Christmas vacations. We watched Supermen of Malegaon which was a very nice documentary. It drives home how much power movies have in enabling people to escape the daily grind. I was really inspired by how some people work so hard to make their small dreams come true. 31st we started off with Cloud Atlas which has the concept of re-births and after life as its backbone. It has some real crisp editing. Some bits are nail biting - literally. Dredd was next. It was no Sin City , but there can be only one Sin City I guess. Some of the action bits are very nice and the sine wave like swing between high l…