Monday, March 18, 2013

weSurvive - I

I had plans of writing this post within the first week. One  thing led to another and I thought within the fortnight for sure. Today its been a month and I decided it was high time I spoke about our survival.

It's weird the way life turns a full 360 degrees within a short span of time. I remember the time I stood on the threshold all vacant, with a lot of time in my hand.  That was a juncture when I thought how would I ever sit at home. After a year I was feeling weird at not being at home

I could have sat preparing for the day since forever. I could have imagined it happening one way or the other. I dreaded, fretted and worried myself crazy. Some days have to be begun and got done with to know how they fare. No amount of preparation can be adequate. For the day has the flair of having its own identity. I vividly remember my 10th standard exam - the first public exam ever. That crisp morning of March - I will never forget writing the English Language paper. After it, all other exams were cake walk :) The first job interview ever on the balmy August morning. Walking through the corridors of the college to reach the exam hall where the written tests happened, standing with bated breath for the results and then going forth to the interview. It all seemed like a breeze when at the end of 9 hours the offer letter was in hand. There were many other such red letter days. (A post about them later maybe) Days which are important in anticipation but seem mundane once passed. 

Same was the build up for the day I was to return from maternity leave. I prepped a lot. Ashu was the most supportive being a new mom back at work herself. She did guarantee beginner's luck and said the first would be most uneventful. So much for being a pep talker :P But the most solid and stead fast support came from none other but my mom. She was a working woman and being a government employee there were long tenures where she was posted in an altogether different city from dad and us. In spite of it, never have my sister or I felt her 'absence' We did miss her and needed her. But she was always there - in true spirit - in those days without cell phones, smart phones or skype.  For that matter initially we used to make trunk calls to her, since we did not have STD enabled on our landline. She assured me - "when at work give 100% to work and when at home give 100% to her. Don't ever think you are leaving her. You are going to do your job. A couple of years later, she would go to school. You would not look at it as she leaving you. Similarly you are being away from her for sometime of the day."

I could not have asked for anything more. To top it I received feedback from all quarters that kids adjust way too well. Its the moms who make things miserable by taking the guilt trips. Armed with these - I went forth......


Soma Pradhan said...

Wow... Beautiful Advise from Aunty. Fond rememberence of her.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Your mom's advice really made me proud of working moms :)
There is this quality of independence (without feeling guilty about it) which I feel only working moms can truly bequeath to their children :)

All the best , I am sure the little one will also learn many things from the woman you are :)

Amrita said...

You are too generous Amy! :)
i love the word bequeath - its so meaningful :)

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