Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Before I turn into Ekta Kapoor

I thought I would end my passport saga in 2 parts. But there has been no end even in part 3. Hopefully before I turn into a veritable EK who drags her stories on and on and on let me bring this story to a close( or will I ?) 

When we were dismissed from counter7 with the much needed information we trudged to the bus station. We had close to 2 hours before our return. We decided to grab some grub. We missed our cutie in every toddler we saw . We were all ooing and aahing seeing the activities of any child from 0-60 months :) yea schmaltz . We were having our very first trip without the munchkin  ( not a fun trip I agree) (thinking of which the two of us had never ever gone without the kid anywhere )And here we were missing her. 

The return bus journey was 4.5 hours long (yawwwwwwwwwn) my company of   books saved the day again . We returned home dead tired and had the lil one waiting on us. She had been walking around the house searching for us in the evening. She is used to me being back from work in the evenings. Not finding me around she kept looking for me in the bathrooms and all. Amma did take her to neighbours's house and she had played quite a bit there. 

I booked the Friday to deliver the remaining documents. I was very jittery - I hoped this would be the final trip, I hoped they would not ask me for any more document , I hoped this would all get sorted out. 

I reached the consulate , got my token (yea good ol counter7) and waited. It was all so familiar . My turn came, the nice lady took my docs and said it would be done! Ahem ! That's all???? You sure? You don't want any other document. , family history no nothing? I was 4 hours away from my return bus journey and my work was over ! 

I spent the rest of the days waiting with trepidation . Will it won't it? Kept checking my phone and my emails.  Till finally I got a message from Amma 'ammu passport has come' With an expiry slated for 2023 the little blue valuable document was well worth the effort and the subsequent wait of 7 days. 


Soma Pradhan said...

Every Indian gets a headache when it comes to PP. Sad but true. Hope u get it soon.

Ekta said...

awww...i can imagine the anxiety..glad that it done! Assume ur in US now then?:-)

Amrita said...

Ekta - i am in the Uk :)

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