Friday, July 26, 2013

Totally self inflicted

Now I am no AB that people hang on to every word I say or every post I write (come to think about it my initials are also AB :D but the similarities end exactly there :)) ) But I am going to do something again that I tried last year - hmm well a blog-athon. Though this time let me go for the mini version for 15 days .

I am going to include yesterday 's post in this event. I know technically its cheating but in my defense the idea struck me after I had hit publish :P 

Anyhow :) Amma started back to India yesterday. Since we were booking a cab to and fro the airport (which is in another city) we decided to take Chiyaa along. Boy was she happy! She loved the long car ride inspite of waking at the unearthly hour of 0430 in the morning. She liked the bright lights, the big luggages, people and the general din of the airport. We dropped Amma and headed home. Ironically K was the most beat. He was'dead tired ' and needed to hit the bed immediately!!!!!!!!!! :O men and their aaraam farosh nature huh! 

The kitten was frolicking around the house. Once K started for work and the house was quiet did mademoiselle doze off. That was my chance to knock off some chores. Daddad gave us a pleasant surprise by popping over for lunch. After which just like old times Chiyaa and I headed off on a stroll . We went to the children's library. Since it is summer vacation time there was a fair in front of the library. Of course we did not miss a chance to get on some of the rides. 

We reached home pretty exhausted. While the kid napped and rejuvenated I got the dinner ready. 

Beginner's luck maybe but the first day alone with the kid was pretty I eventful. In fact everything she did seemed more special to me so much so I ended up taking some 4 videos in a single day. I felt that being away at work made me cherish her and gave me the patience. The experience yesterday changed my view. Kids are special no matter what :) They naturally evoke the best in us :) 

But the cherry on the cake was yet to come . I had received some awesome news from roomie dear :) I had intended to shout out to her as soon as soon as I  was privy  to the news but bid my time till she cleared an examination . Clear she did and that warranted a call. We spoke after maybe 6 months but we hit off as if we met everyday . Close to 60 mins just flew by and it was super duper brilliant !!!!! I could nt have asked for a better ending to the day :)

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