Ek good news hai:)

Now don’t think in the conventional way *wink wink*. Well my blog has been shortlisted for the blogadda blog awards.
I have already done the vote appeal on Facebook.(Boy was it embarrassing ) Now here very shyly I ask you amigos to click a like or a tweet at http://win.blogadda.com/view-blogs-voting/personal/Cherrie_s_Blogs/

Muchas gracias :)


Deeps said…
I have tried to comment twice but cant make out if its getting submitted or no. Trying again, one last time. Feel free to delete the duplicates, Amrita :)

Hey congratulations, girl! Thats fantastic news! I'll surely vote for your blog! I know I'm coming here after long, my blogging had been pretty erratic. But what a wonderful piece of news to come to!

All the best, Amrita! Hope you win for you deserve to :)

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