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Would you hire me?

Recently I attended a job interview.This is how it went....
Interviewer - Bla di bla di bla tra la la la la la oompa loompa doom-pa-dee doo Cherrie - (thinks When will this company history get over)
Interviewer - me through your career since you left education. Cherrie - I started my career with company 1. I worked in the retail and hospitality domain for a US client. Was involved in web development and database development. Then I left company 1 to join company 2.
Interviewer - Why did you leave company 1? Cherrie - The domain did not make much sense to me. I feel one needs to know the business to be able to code well. But I was lost with what is the difference between a condo and an apartment.
Interviewer - What is the difference between a condo and an apartment ? Cherrie - I don't know and never understood .
Interviewer - Stupid Americans and their terms. Both are places to  live  Cherrie - Exactly. So in company 2 I was in the financial services domain and worked on a voluntary …

Call me 'control freak'

Well I have an implementation over this weekend  - which means 0700-1700 @ work. Result --> A very nervous daddy who has to take care of the lil one. At the cost of micro managing - here are my detail list of actions and recommendation out there on the wall :)
And  yea I know the spelling of 'chips' I just spelled it the way Kabuki pronounces it :)