Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Technically I do not suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. But there are certain aspects in my day to day life over which I need utter and absolute control . 

The first being time. I have a certain time I have to get ready by, start to work by , get to work by and get everything set up. I have some tolerance levels which are again pretty much written in stone. So I can start from home anywhere in the region of 0800-0815. A minute later than 0815 and all hell can break loose. I feel everything spiralling out of control. Earlier than 0800, I feel I am at work way too early and hence feel bored for some time. Being the weird me, I do not take the opportunity to do something useful rather fret away feeling I could have been at home doing something useful. What could I have achieved in a minute? You tell me :P Similarly the time I start from work is untenable . I do not understand how K works till he reaches a 'logical conclusion'. I start working towards a logic conclusion 45 minutes prior to my slated departure time. Not a minute is wasted beyond the time I have fixed for leaving my desk.

I have the general need for cleanliness and order which is the most prevalent characteristic of compulsive behaviour. What goes hand in hand is that the bed sheets should not have any corner ruffled, books should be aligned if they are on top of one another, different sorts if cutlery should be in their designated location. The list goes on. I have the same adherence to my fitness regime. I have never exercised every day but I do try to on the weekends. I try to squeeeeeeze in an hour every day of the weekend. If something happens that takes me away from it, boy you have a Crankasauraus in your hands :) 

When I started working , I used to be a spendthrift (not that I am a lot better now) but I would like to think I have improved. What put me on the road to recovery was an intervention of sorts by my mother. She laid the ground rules that I should always keep some savings every month, because there were families which subsisted on way less. To do so she encouraged me to write down my expenses and keep a tab every month. It has been 10 years and I have been religiously writing my expenses :) it does not help me save more or be more diligent . It certainly helps me in noting where what goes. The most it helps me price vacations, since they are an the only aspect I am interested in :D I have been tempted to give it up many times ,but then you must be aware how I am :) 

I do not have any skill for anything to do with numbers. But in any examination if the question asks for a certain number of points say state 6 differences between so and so,I stretch the boundaries of my imagination and definitely put up that many number of points! Try me ! An annoying facet is that I have to finish books no matter how pathetic. I have wasted a lot of precious time reading seriously mind numbing books. I wish I could decimate the authors, but I still read on *Shouts into a pillow* The same does not apply for movies though :P

Well, I reckon we all have certain aspects of our life which we deem inflexible. So what's yours? 

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