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31st already

And I have not put up my year end post :(  I know it's unlike me. But I am not one of them to let the year past without the year end post. So here goes. 
The year has been a breeze. Like all others before it, it seems to have passed so quickly. But I would not say it was without its fair share of ups and downs. The winter had me attending a very big interview. It was literally a dream job in a very big corporation. I had restarted my career in UK with some compromise. This was my chance of striking equal ground. I prepped hard, I gave it my best. And I bagged an offer. Till visa and restrictions and long term availability started playing spoil sport in actualisation of the offer. It was  long drawn anticipation game. As plan B, I had managed to get another offer. But my heart was set on the first one. I would love having it because it was a bigger firm, was closer to home and the best bargain was it had flexible working. Real flexible working! I was pinning my hopes on it, and final…

Main apni favourite hoon :D

I think Kareena Kapoor's character spoke for a lot of women like me when she said 'Main apni favourite hoon' in Jab we met
Well, I completed yet another revolution around the sun last week. Now immaterial of whether anyone else celebrates it or not, I make it a definite point to celebrate my own birthday. I take the day off. For that matter, I take the day off for anyone's birthday in the family. And definitely on my birthday. I would not want to step out of the house and especially into work and let any untoward incident spoil my mood ;) So as usual it was a good nice holiday. For that matter as a good run up to my birthday, we had our office Christmas lunch a day before. So there was not a lot of work and people were generally cheerful and relaxed. A perfect prelude to my favourite day ;) 
After gathering the wishes from mil, it was time to drop the kid at day care and head off for some good ol pampering. Well nothing out of the world, just a trip to the hairdresser …