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Season of sickness

Its all haywire. The day just zips through and all I am left with is a sense of non-achievement. (Is that even a word? )
The little birdie has been unwell for like forever. Her body is ravaged by coughs. Last weekend she had a raging fever to top it and spent the whole night clinging to me and whining. It broke my heart to see her like this. Doctors advised us to let her immunity do the fighting, but then when things went from weeks to months, they put her on antibiotics. She is on a slow path to recovery. A very very slow path I should say.
To make matters worse, K too caught a flamboyant throat infection. He lost his voice. His coughs made him sick. And  when he needed it most, rest was ever elusive. Deadlines started baring their ugly fangs and he had to stretch at work.
Where did that leave me? Tired, stressed and very worried. I was scuttling providing massages of menthol balms, hot drinks and all tender loving care I could to both of them. But the absolutely relentless viruses were…

Ek good news hai:)

Now don’t think in the conventional way *wink wink*. Well my blog has been shortlisted for the blogadda blog awards. I have already done the vote appeal on Facebook.(Boy was it embarrassing ) Now here very shyly I ask you amigos to click a like or a tweet at
Muchas gracias :)

The holiday season is over

But memories of the calories remain