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Positivity indeed

I: ( Looking longingly at the picture of something I had done before ) I am not sure I can do it again. K: You have done it once. You can do it again. I: I have done it only once before. K: One out of one is 100% isn't it? Of course you can do it again!
Such words from a grim Cancerian! But gives me the   confidence for sure.


Exactly a year ago I waxed eloquent about Breaking Bad. This year I have a new hot favourite. Homeland!
 I had seen adverts of it in a channel. But not being one into series, I gave it a miss. While browsing netflix one day, I remarked 'why not homeland?' Yes why not indeed? We watched the first episode! IT WAS MIND BLOWING! We felt as if we had gotten the best television had to offer. We binge watched it - 2 episodes per day after the kid went to sleep. 2 hours of our life diligently devoted to Homeland. If we were this diligent in exercising we would be small time models :) The day Chiyaa would delay her bed time we would count the passage of each agonising minute as an excruciating moment away from our favourite series.
The usp of the program was it was utterly gripping. Every single episode had you on the seats edge. Not a moment to call boring. Each and every actor was  phenomenal!  Claire Danes who plays  the tenacious CIA agent, Damien Lewis who is the returned marine aft…