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Open letter to roomie dear

I could have written an email, but she reads my posts every day  - or so she claims ;) so here goes....
We have moved to Ipswich. Initially I didn't like it. I would not say I hated it. I just felt 'this is not Leeds!' Nothing more or less. 
K was around in the train station to pick us up and he brought us home. We had lived in a very modern, newly constructed apartment right in the centre of the city with onsite gym, pub and convenience store in Leeds. This apartment was an older construction. Everything had a run down feel to it. Nothing had a shine. Nothing had any new -ness. It in fact reminded me of a place in  the past where we had a horrible couple of years. Horrible infrastructure wise - Chiyaa was born in that house, so I cannot relegate it to be totally horrible. As K went to work, mom and I first learnt how to work the stove. Slowly the kids settled down and K was back home with pipping hot pizza! We tend to celebrate every moving in with pizzas! And in our 6 year…

Full circle

Life has a strange way of coming back to where it all began does nt it? It was two years back that I wrote the posts about the start of a journey. Chiyaa had started day care and there were some tear filled days of settling her. I remember leaving a very timid and diffident toddler in the care of the nursery staff. Two years and some months hence, we are leaving Leeds and there were a few tear filled nights. I used to be up at night thinking how she would fare without her daycare which was such an integral part of her life. I know eventually she would have left it for school, but that would have been the normal course of action, something deemed to happen. Now we were removing her from her set environment . 
Ever since I had given notice in her daycare intimating them of the move I kept wondering of all the friendships and relationships she would be missing. Every time her key carer spoke of her imminent departure, she used to choke. Before the time drew to an end I had my last progres…