Sunday, January 1, 2017

Chutti khatam school shuru

Nothing can speak of the state of my mind better than this scene.

I am not technically depressed but ufffff the butterflies in my stomach. Going back to work after a year with changes in people, changes in work. That too with a 4 hour travel at 0530 in the morning to Leeds and reaching at 2130 if all goes all. 

K is wary that I should not forget that I have to come back to Ipswich on the day and should not waltz away to our old house, knowing how much I love that place. But  chalo apne bachon ko koi bhool sakta hai kya? I had plans for staying a couple of nights at Leeds with a friend. But given Pumpki 's fussy nature at night we chose at the eleventh hour to travel on the consecutive days. It will be stressful but interesting. I hope all goes well and the weather doesn't play havoc. There are so many people to meet but I may have to postpone for another time. 

The new year has made a real sharp entry. End of reverie and being the cosy mother pushing a pram in trainers and track pants with a baby bag for company. It will be so different donning those heels, the formal trousers, the laptop bag and the purse. Oh God! The idea itself seems alien. It will be interesting few days and I will be brimming with experiences. I shall be very frequent in this little space - given I have 8 hours of travel each day. 

So wish me luck *fingers crossed *


Anonymous said...

good luck for the 3rd inning :)

Amrita said...

What what what 3rd??? Are you kidding me?

Renu said...

All the best!..but travelling is really too much.

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