Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Your head is in the right place girl!

20th January! I am wedded to K for 9 years! Phew! But the whole world watched this with anticipation..

As did we.  

Chiyaa: (with awe in her voice) " She is so beautiful"
Me: (knowing she is referring to Melania Trump) " Who?"
Chiyaa: She, the one in red!
Me: (with disbelief) You think so! The one on the left?"
Chiyaa: (running to the tv and touching Michelle Obama) "She. She is so beautiful. I think she is a princess!"

I am so proud of you for not sticking with beauty stereotypes. Stay sensible my clever kid!


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Credit also goes to you for not introducing her to beauty sterotypes :) Kudos !

Amrita said...

I would like to thinl so... But in this I think she picks some things and rationalises in her head

Nneka Okay said...

Clever girl <3 <3

Ashma said...

It's in the perfect place.. great going chiyaa. Muaaah.
And I agree with the first comment here; it reflects on what a great mom you are too my dear.

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