Friday, June 1, 2007


As a student of history in school my heart went out for the militant nationalists. Because for me they were men of action. And I held a very strong dis-enchantment and antagonism for the Nehru Gandhi family.(I still do :) )
But yesterday I was taking my monthly pass at the railway station. A burly man brushed past me to get the ticket. I did not flinch though my natural response would have been a harsh "EXCUSE ME!!". Maybe I was plain lazy to respond. So I let him go ahead.
As he was getting his ticket done, he looked back and said,"I am sorry". I nodded.
Once his ticket was done, he turned back and said,"I am really sorry, I was getting late so I barged in." I told him it was OK.
He moved on.
But I think what I was in his eyes was compunction.
My first trial at Gandhigiri (inadvertently though) and it was a success!


vk said...

The real Gandhigiri way around this situation, was not to stay mum, but to let him realize his mistake by saying something polite(which i can't think of right now :))... I'm saying this because remaining passive should can be mistaken for helplesness. Its only when the subject realizes that you have chosen not to pick up a quarrel/ hurl abuses on purpose, that he/she regrets having made the mistake. That i think would have been the real Gandhigiri way.

Amrita said...

Is the real Gandhiri always to say sth polite? Or is it the Munna bhai style Gandhigiri u r talking about??

vk said...

He heee... Most of the Gandhigiri funda that i hv got is courtesy Munna Bhai.. So, u can say that...

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