Monday, December 31, 2012

The world did nt end but the year is about to

This year somehow I was not getting the enthu to write the year end post. Things started going a bit topsy turvy since the 15th of the month. It was getting all cluttered, clumsy, uncertain and a bit dismal for people I love. To top it all, the untimely death of the young lady Damini/Nirbhaya/Amanat really distressed me. One half of me wanted to her to pass away soon, as in, she was undergoing too much torment, and that too for a life ahead which would not be complete. But then the news of her demise, somehow rattled me. Don't we all want life to triumph. :( In the New Year Celebrations, cricket frenzy and a day to day life, she will be forgotten, the episode will be forgotten. What will surely remain is darkness which will haunt her parents and near family, maybe till the day they meet her again. What heckles me most, in spite of so many such incidents, there is no solution. I being the 'cowardly', 'pragmatic' choose to be fully clothed, be back home by 2000 and always take my own car if  situation deems me to be late. I am sure, I am going to enforce these 'Taliban-ish' rules on my daughter too. Better safe than sorry right? But then are we really safe? Don't we get goose flesh if even one of the street light is off? A group of men standing by  a street corner even in broad daylight can make one dream up worse case scenarios. I have heard of my friends being stalked in a wedding reception! Is there any place that is safe? And safe enough?

Hmm.. anways. I think its a curse we have to bear. I do not blame all men. I do not blame women either - come on one life, they should have the liberty to dress and do what they want to do. But without our civic machinery churning, I see no end in sight.

A dialogue goes in Shawshank Redemption - Hope is  a good thing. 

As I became a mother on  26/02/2012 23:55 I hope the world is greener, more peaceful and definitely safer for my child.
I hope I am able to get into the minds of great people through their books as I did through a lot of 2012.
I hope I am able to be gainfully engaged with family as we were in India being with folks both at Chennai and BBSR.
I hope we are all healthier and fitter to take up more challenging endeavours.
I hope the year is so much better that we don't hope it to end.

Happy New Year! May the coming year fill our hearts with the same hope that glistens in the eyes of our innocent children. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Delivery Room

'It is 1998. In the safe haven of her North London flat - in a room her husband has ironically dubbed the Delivery Room - Serbian therapist Mira Braverman listens to the stories of her troubled patients. As the novel unfolds, Mira discovers she is not as distant from her pain as she might once have been'

This was the gist of the story which attracted me to pick up this work by Sylvia Brownrigg. The book is intense. It is a story that weaves through characters and their personalities :- 

Mira - The Serbian therapist settled in London and connected to her homeland through her sister Svetlana and her niece. 
Peter - Mira's husband, a lovable professor who is the sterling support in Mira's life. His battles with his illness and his feelings for his son Graham form another league of struggles.
Graham - His mixed feelings for Peter and his step-mother Mira, his quandaries about having children and his  ups and downs with his wife.
Clare - Graham's wife who is a real sweet character but comes with her own baggage of emotions.

There are additional characters of the patients who weave some more detail. One unique thing about the book, is the way the author starts a new scenario, which puzzles the reader about whom it is leading to. So intricately knit are the lives and so synonymous are the emotions of the characters. There are a few passages of the book which are beautiful. 

A woman came in with a pram, inevitably, from which issued unnerving complaints like a cat's. The woman had a distracted, harassed look, and her clothes were what Eleanor called 'maternal resignation wear', the I-can't-be-bothered slouch of sweat shirt over jeans, and comfortable shoes. Face without make-up, or the softening touch of sleep.None the less,her eyes were proud. She had about herself that unassailable bearing that new mothers had. What I am doing here is the most important thing that there is. I have created new life.

One only ever heard stories of the heroes who fought their cancers, whose spirits remained indomitable, who retained their senses of humour, who became positive, ennobling forces in the lives of friends and relations.Less was written about the legions of inferior beings who must exist too, people who became impatient and unpleasant, or hollered with fear, or those like himself (Peter did not believe he was the only one) who simply became resigned, passive, gloomy, discouraged.

There was no hurry or need to say anything. This had been new for Kate, one of Cassandra's gifts, perhaps. Before, Kate would always have felt the need to fill an empty space as if it were an awkwardness or a mistake: she had not wanted it to seem as though she had nothing to say, or was bored or distracted in someone's company.Silences seemed ominous and insulting, a result of social misfire. Now they seemed merely appropriate, and somehow kind.How much kinder, finally, than talk that said nothing.

So that was what finally broke you: the pain.Not, in themselves,the fear, or the humiliation, or the anger,all those known emotions that had become nightmarishly magnified. Fear of one's own end; humiliation at the prospect of total degradation; anger at the unfairness of it, the approaching annihilation of self. You might spend a lifetime as a literature professor or a psychoanalyst considering the dimensions of the emotional life, chronicling its dips and sways, noting the different ways a person could be gripped by passion or anxiety or rage - only  to discover, finally, that we are all bodies, and that the worst there can be of anything is pain. Pain swallows all.

The book does not have a lot of momentous events. It is just a journey of the four central characters through very normal events. The language is beautiful and gripping. A beautiful book. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

It is not all gloom and doom?

'Yea does nt sound like me right? The so called eternal optimist bites the dust? Somehow things seem to be such a drag.

K keeps working forever. I see him in the morning and thats it. I have no clue many a times when he turns up. I am all right with it, since I know he is a bit passionate about what he is doing. But there are moments when I wish he was around a bit more. Sissy continues to have '

Well that is what I had written last Thursday . I had even titled the post 'is it all gloom and doom'. But Friday was the birthday of roomie dear so I thought I would post it on Saturday. Thankfully I got a bit busy in other stuff and rather than a morose post we have a tending towards up beat one.

Saturday we finally ventured for our first movie after the birth of Chiyaa. Life of Pi. We were all prepared - ready to hit the doors the moment lil cutsie shows any signs of crankiness . We opted for the seats close to the pathway so that we could bolt ASAP . Chiyaa started off by munching on some soft bits of the popcorn. It was followed by a couple of biscuits . What ensued was a period of restlessness . I tried rocking her and within a span of 20 mins she was asleep. Bless her ! The best moments of the movie were yet to come.

The movie was such a visual delight. Some of the scenes were surreal. The emotions were so palpable. Richard Parker was so adorable!!! The movie has done full justice to the book. In fact I feel like reading the book again.

Sunday we had plans to go for lunch to a local Gujarati hotel. We are zeroing in on places to host Chiyaa's birthday party so we are trying out different venues . Food was mediocre but best was sitting with Chiyaa and enjoying a meal and watching her enjoy the outing :)

Yes there are things in the offing which seem uncertain . People I love are in dilemma . It pains to see some real close folks in doldrums. But then hey ! It's Christmas time. May it be filled with happiness and good cheer for one and all!!

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

There is something about Monday too

Is'nt it? Something so URGHH!! If I knew Monday personally I would have killed it. If I was Monday I would have killed myself. Hmpf! 

Today started darkest and dingiest of all days. The sun rose at around 0930. Urgh again! I was bracing myself for things to turn around, now come on the sun had beat the clouds and was out and about. More over I had a new TV delivery to await which K had been really looking forward to( a 42 inch Sony make LED for the most amahzinggg PS3 gaming experience ( iiiiiiiiiif Chiyaa lets him play Mwahahahahaahaha) Anyways, so I was looking forward to the delivery. I hoped Chiyaa would not be fussy when the technician was around. I also tried to finish her chores as soon as possible. In the haste I was a bit careless and she took a mighty big fall :(  - shes just trying to stand up now a days. Poor dear was inconsolable for quite sometime :(

Right then I got a message from my sis to call her. She never ever asks me to ring. Things must have gone south for her. As anticipated her situation was a bit messed up. I gave her some my dose of advice when the TV technician called.

He had already bored K enough by asking him directions to our place which is literally a straight line from where he was coming. He even cried about which apartment gate he should park at, where should he keep the stuff etc etc.

He came over all huffing and panting and marched to the place where I showed where the TV was to be fitted. Near that place I have a small play area for Chiyaa with a little carpet spread over. It generally lies littered with toys and other nick knacks of hers. Now this rhinoceros of a person just walked over without removing his shoes ( I know it's not an occidental culture to remove shoes but show some respect to a baby's toys! What do they look like? Compost?) My anger somehow knew no bounds and I very rudely asked him to step away and hurriedly removed the carpet . TV was set up in a jiffy but the interaction with the person left a bad taste in my mouth.

After that suddenly maybe just cos it was Monday my neck started throbbing and aching very annoyingly grrrrrr. To relax I logged into fb and saw a friend put up a rather horrendous photo of mine. My hair was flat( I had spent 5 whole minutes thinking whether to tie it or leave or open and had gone with tying and looked like a proper auntyyyyy waaaaa), I looked chubbied with a lil belly, the shirt looked formal (though its a pretty nice one it somehow looked yuk in the pic) and on the whole I looked like a fashion terrorist. By some divine intervention I wanted that pic to mysteriously disappear :( But such noble things don't happen and I was left to wallow in self pity. Kal se seriously walks, enough being all smug. I have'nt done step ups since we returned from India and I have been blaming winters for it ! Pathetic! Seriously PATHETIC!

Huh! Internet connection in BBSR was again feeble. Consequently the Skype call was so unsatisfactory :( more so cos I really wanted to talk to sis. All these were toooo overwhelming and I took to comfort eating. Ek to I looked like a piggy in the fb photo I knew I was doing no good by doing what I was. I knew a guilt trip awaited me. But then who listens to logic when emotions come aknocking. K had an avalanche of work and came home for a quick bite. Chiyaa was super clingy with him which made him feel very dejected. He wished to be with us but then duty called :( With a real heavy heart he made his way to work .

Things were just so botched up today. I hope John Abraham had a better day being his birthday ;)  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's 15th already

Really? Did I manage it? 30 days of posting? Has the bla-bathon err I mean blog -athon really come to a close? :O

I usually finish what I start boring movies , dull books, mind numbing chores et al. I knew I would finish the blog -athon but sure enough I did run out of ideas in the middle. Thankfully some pictures and some 'inspiration' saved the day .

I wish I could have finished reading The Delivery Room and post a review if the same. I wish I could put some thoughts about a couple of documentaries I watched . I reallllllly wanted to try putting some recipes since that again is not something I had ever done. Some more movie reviews (my style) would have been good . But then let these after thoughts remain. Better luck next time ( I hear you people saying whaaaa she's gonna do it againnnnnn????) don't worry not soon :) But yes would love to repeat this. Maybe same time next year :) ;)

I seriously am lucky to have some readers - N, Jack, Amy, Renu, roomie dear and some others in stealth mode ;) honestly I may try to sound proud and say anyways it does nt matter I write for my own joy. It does make any writer happy to get a reader :)

As thus blog -athon has been done and dusted I am harboring some thoughts about running a marathon next year? Tooooo ambitious hai na? Especially for someone sitting on a bean bag with a room heater and shawl. Lemme see maybeeeee a blog -athon about my marathon preparation next time ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

There is something about Friday

Its like poori kayanat comes to celebrate this awesome day! 

Today the temperatures were hitting all time lows. It was raining like crazy. URGHHHH!!!! But then still it was Friday. Things tend to go ok on a Friday.

Somehow Chiyaa decided to take an elongated nap. Something like 2 hours. Maybe because of the cold climate, she felt all warm and snuggled up in her blanket. That gave me time to catch up with 2 dear friends. Wow! It was so fantastic!!! Words cannot describe how good I felt. One is my proper alter ego, with whom I can share almost everything. She understands me totally and being of the same wavelength as me, its like seeing a mirror. But she also gives her words of honesty and caution which is amazing. I can't be more grateful to God for having given such an amazing friend. The other is my pillar of strength who has seen me through some real tough times. My contact with her is few and far between given her numerous responsibilities at home and work. But when we do catch up, its like a breath of fresh air. It was thoroughly enriching talking to both of them.

In spite of time having rolled on, there was no sign of the Munchkin waking up. I thought might as well utilise this time to get my wish fulfilled. Yep of making daal baati which I mentioned in my last post. I was planning to follow this recipe. Now if you see the recipe is a pretty elaborate one like performing a science experiment. But anyways I decided to follow it. Started in the morning itself and had hopes that would somehow be able to manage it for dinner. Thankfully I was. Here's the result. Must have done something prettttttttttty wrong for it looks nothing like the image in the recipe ;) Though it was edible. Ashu you are not to be blamed :) 

Midway K came for tea cos he never had a proper lunch. Chiyaa slept a bit more and I read some pages of a book.Hmmm.... there is something about Fridays, even the rain soaked ones.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An idea can change your 28th post

As the days keep rolling by to reach the 30th day mark, I was seriously going dry in the grey matter area. 

But then there are some real cool idea people likewho have made my job a little bit easier. Here's the Alphabet tag :) Seriously what an idea Madamjee.

Cherrie's blogs have already reached the all time high of having 51 posts this year itself. Seriously half century in a year. All thanks to this Blog-athon!

Days are getting way shorter and it is somehow the most irritating aspect of winters for me. Apart from getting dressed up like astronauts, heating drinking water, melting coconut oil and a million plus one additional tasks.

Every day we think of hitting the bed early. Early to bed and early to rise right? But then either our madamjee is up playing or just not sleepy and when she sleeps off, our sleep is gone :(

For quite some time I have been toying with the idea of making daal baati. A Rajasthani delicacy. I would love to make it. Hopefully someday soon.

Good in a way that I do not have work to attend to. I keep getting asked this question, that it might be way easier to have no hustle bustle of work, but then, taking full time care of a baby is a physically asking task. 

Helium filled balloons look so cute don't they? Here's my lil one playing with one - well sorta.

Idlis are what I have been planning to make since the past 2 weeks. Never able to manage the time to soak the dals :(

Jostling for space constantly - that's the kitchen scene. There is fresh clashes between Chiyaa and the parent's dishes now a days. Constant competition between the little vessels and big ones, the small quantity dishes and the normal, the water sippers and the water bottles. Gosh! Its such a mess.

King Khan's latest movie came and went, and my heart never got the time to go aflutter :( 

Looking forward to Life of Pi though. It is releasing 2 weeks later here - no idea why!? Not even sure if we would be able to watch it in the theatre.

Moong daal sprouts with banana and milk is what I have been having for breakfast. It's a bit boring but its supposed to be good to counter hair loss. Take note Nance :P 

Nando's chicken is the only chicken K is still in love with. He has fallen out  of love with all. :( Too bad, its only been recently I was getting the hang of cooking chicken.

Oh by the way, K started a vegetarian. Turned egg-etarian. Then proper chicken-etarian. His love for chicken increased by leaps and bounds, till recently hes on the decline now :(

PS3 is something he never gets the time with. Poor thing, no matter how conducive the time, the lil one sniffs out hes going to kill some bad people and tries to join forces with him ;) K does'nt appreciate it :P

Quite strangely Chiyaa does not put much stuff in her mouth. She peels onions and garlic, makes a rattle of slippers, bangs vessels like crazy, but does not put things in her mouth. Diapers - yes that she tries to!!

Recently did a lot of online shopping. I think I am finally getting the hang of it :) 

Scrubbed the whole house with my bare hands. Felt good and all sanitised :D 

Try to shape up is what K told me yesterday :( Weightloss is fine, but you have to get into shape now :( Huh! I told this to roomie dear this morn and she said which shape? 'V' ? Friends like these who needs enemies 

Until summer K has given up his fitness regime. Hmpf. 

Virtually every place is resplendent with Christmas lights. Sales, shops open later than usual hours and crowds braving the winter - there is something in the air during Christmas time.

Washing machine is the most used appliance in our home these days, thanks to lots of baby bibs, muslin clothes and the like.

x-( is a smiley I am getting a hang of now a days :) I somehow love writing up the smileys, as in rather than using the ones that come up in messengers, I like writing them. 

Yahoo messenger has the best smileys I feel. I simply love the rotfl one =)) 

Z? I have reached zzzzzzzz??

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Whatta day

Well, 12.12.12 came to and end. Fancy date.

And I got calls from lot of people telling me this :) Also asking what's special? Arre birthday hai jee mera.  :) I love my birthday (I love all birthdays, love the birthdays of everybody I love) But again in Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met style Main apni favourite hoon ;) 

Day started off with checking messages. Thanks to the advent of smart phones and everyone having installed Whatsapp or Viber or any one of the zillion things that makes instant communication possible (imagine my mom and mom in law are also hooked onto them) I got quite a few messages this time. Unlike the totally dry year of 2010. Facebook had lots of messages and unlike the super duper busy very important people who give global responses like 'thank you very much my sweet friends for your wishes you guys made my day' (many a times I would not have wished the person but would end up getting included in the message ;) and I seriously wonder who started this idea? Anddddd if you do not have the courtesy to thank people why put up your birthday in the first place? I think its so that people can wish you) Anyways there I gooooooo rambling like a person gone cuckoo :S

So after thanking my fb friends got on with Skype call with mil. She distributed sweets and cake on our behalf to nearby slum dwellers. The day then went in a whirl wind . I somehow ended up having quite a bit of cooking to do. Semolina kheer for chiyaa, rice and brinjal fry for lunch and then I realised the pineapple was getting over ripe so had to use it up in some chutney. I managed making all that in the nick of time .

Roomie dear, my friend B and Ashu made the day extra special by calling up. Evening was the usual call with mom and finally Sam had the spare time to call up- busy busy manager :) but the best was yet to come. I was getting ready to whip up some good dinner given K's highly erratic schedule when came his lovely message 'all set? We can start by 6:30' yayyyyyyyyyyy. Got ready and headed to an Italian place.

The food was awesome! But best was just being there with K inspite of the chaos of feeding Chiyaa, keeping her entertained and eating your own food. She got sleepy and cranky in the middle of it and I was willing her to somehow stay awake till the end of dinner. Food done we walked back through the deserted cold streets made so vibrant by the Christmas lights. There seriously is something in this time of the year. It's weirdly amazing how K and I barely have time thanks to the munchkin and still the little chit chats which last milli seconds are so priceless .

Chiyaa took a lil nap. It's 23:07 and she's active as a bird. And now I am willing her to sleep! Such are the ironies of life :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Throwing thoughts about throwing a party

Life always comes to bite me in the back - big time. Like what ever I make fun of others, comes back to haunt me like the images of lizards ( I know weird, but images of lizards can give me the worst of creeps). As in there was a time in school I used to keep singing about Jaane jigar jaane man sattar kilo ka wazan (in the tune of that famous song from the movie Aashiqui) I have no idea why on earth I used to find it funny and sing it. And sattar kilo I did hit and was I sad. :(

When my sis and cousins were into the iPhone frenzy, I used to possess an old radio for a phone. I was like, ok whatever, let my lil one come over, the baby is gonna use your phones like toy cars. Guess what. My baby turns 2 months old and K gifts me a - you guessed it - Iphone! You will not believe it, but when we had gone to India, she would just go for my phone and try to ravage it. Huh! 

That makes me very jittery of the Karma  bug. It is quite a relentless one. That is why I try to be fair and just (fail miserably mannnnnny times ) Anyways I can save my two pints on karma for some later day. Look how much I can talk without hitting the point. Well, whenever I used to see birthday pics of kids, I  used to think aww.. poor dears, they are not even aware of what's happening. And they are being thrown into the centre of all this. All the decoration, many a times uncomfortable clothes, crowd. Urggghh! Being an adult I would'nt appreciate that. Imagine kids as young as 12 months old made to undergo all of it.

But, but, but - the buggie is back to bite me. Here I am more than 2 months away but already planning the lil ones big party *hides face shame faced*. Yes like a proper cheesy mom (I wanted to be the uber cool one like they show in movies. Come to think of it, why do they show dads as being uber cool?! ) I want a biiiiiiiig party for my daughter. I want a hall booked, people called over, an elaborate menu and yes a glittery (and maybe uncomfotable :(  ) dress for Chiyaa. K took the stand of having a small get together at home cos being the pessimistic Cancerian he anticipates many people would not turn up, venue might not be so good and etc etc. 

As of now, the jury is still out. Still, do you see how life comes full circle for me? *shivers in dread*

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kal kya hua

Well Sunday re-cap time again :) K had to get to work and that too real early. I think by 0800 he was up at his desk some implementation stuff *ARGH*. But well we got to look at the positives,so here goes :) 

  • K was 'nt there by the time I woke up, but I was able to finish my morning chores in stealth mode before the lil one was up. *Hurrayyyyyyyyy*
  • Made papad kadhi after a long time, and it turned out fine
  • Was able to complete Barfi *phew* 
  • I was being tempted to order some food for dinner, but somehow the site from which I wished to do the same was kaput. After some time my craving was gone :) Was I glad or what at having saved some calories!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


.............. phinised vatching Baarfee. Phew! 

I thought I would never able to get done with it. Boy it took 1.5 weeks gosh! This kiddo never lets me get done with a movie in one sitting. I somehow watched  1 hour 12 minutes of the movie in one sitting. After that it was just unbelievable. I get on with the movie and the kid screams for attention. I even put it up one time when she was too engrossed in her games to even notice her dad! But then I put on the VLC player and shes beside me all huffing and panting. Now I am strictly against babies watching tv - STRICTLY AGAINST. So I would grudgingly turn it off. 

I would get itsy bitsy opportunities but then I just would not be in the mood to watch - somehow :( At one point I was on the verge of giving up. I anyways knew the ending and other details. (Why was I watching it? Maybe just to form my opinion :P ) I digress. So there I was sometime snatching 3 minutes, other times 5 and not able to get to the end. So much so I watched this song close to 4 times. (Not that I mind, I somehow let the song grow over me and started liking it by 3.5th hearing :D ) 

Finally today afternoon Chiyaa slept off and I was able to sneak in the last bits of the movie. And boy did I feel waves of accomplishment gush over. :) It felt good :) 

Impressions of the movie? Well, it could have been tad better paced. Otherwise my overrunning thought was -sab kuch kitna sundar hai! Ileana is too pretty! Boy she was such a pretty sight to behold in the modern 70s getup as well as sarees! Darjeeling was ravishing. I loved the bit where Barfi takes Jhilmil to her old nanny. The sights are so breath taking, I felt like running through those fields then and there (I am not a person who likes greenery much :) ) The shots with the Howrah Bridge were also superb. Priyanka Chopra was the epitome of innocent beauty. Everything was beautiful. As the saying goes - a thing of beauty is a joy forever :) 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Serious ramblings?

I dunno somehow everyone every where is stressing the fact that the year seemed to have just zapped through. It is understandable for me, cos come on I had a baby - an earth shattering, nerve wracking event which has changed my life like for ever. But then for everyone else it seems so!!?? Even the photographer with whom we did a family shoot said, for him too the year seemed to have just passed. 

What a year it has been and what a wow of a year.But all that in the year end wala post. 

My mom while watching Chiyaa over Skype mentioned today, "I feel as if I never held her". I said "You were so busy doing the chores, getting the baby fed, cleaned, burped and so on, you did't actually get time to just be with the baby." While I have seen my dad and K, just hold and carry Chiyaa around - blissful, unburdened. 

Is'nt that the same attitude of women for everything? Always trying to multi task. Getting more than one thing accomplished at a time. Entertainment and 'me time' taking  a back seat and the ones enjoyed being closely followed by guilt trips. There is this urge in most women to summon that extra bit of energy and get that one more thing also done. Back from a trip, going uncomplaining into the kitchen to get the cups of tea ready to get all refreshed. Setting the groceries right immediately after getting home. Getting back from work and making the all important calls to home before they complain 'Why so late today?' I used to see it in my mom's generation but now I see my friends also striving for the same - I feel amazed!  Women folk rock!

PS. I have no idea what I have posted. :P And why. Just utterly random ramblings. I think to survive this blog-athon I should complete atleast one of the two books I am reading and finish watching Barfi which I have been trying for the past 1.5 weeks and get some good points from the documentaries I watch. Else this space will look increasingly zombie-ish with each passing day *shudders*

Friday, December 7, 2012

What it makes me do

This blog-athon is getting tougher by the day :( But it does make me do a lot of things :-

  • Makes me think more, look at things closely and feel things more intensely so that I get some material to put up. Its tough, but then I am not complaining, because the grey cells are having a good workout.
  • Makes me read more and read with speed. Now I am a very very slow reader.I wish I could read faster way faster and gobble all the books in the world. 
  • Makes me want to give more time to watch some meaningful stuff so that I could put up my expert comments
  • Makes me take better pictures and skim through the pictures and remember the stories behind them
Today started nice and sunny though cold. K had to start off for an exam. It felt weird. As in, every day, K goes to work and I am with Chiyaa, but today he had to travel to another city 40 mins away. I don't know why, but it felt as if he went a bit far. Its all in the head I know, but think about it, there is so much in the head! I ventured and got some groceries. I wanted to prepare something fancy for the baby of the house (that's K, the original baby :) ) I was having a mega craving for coffee today, and I did not shy away from it. The cold weather makes the cup of the bitter brew seem tastier. 

K passed the exam which somehow made me feel so relieved :) Having had my share of the special dinner, I am waiting to savor dessert and end the day with a flourish :) 

The dinner andddddddddd the the dessert :) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012


10 more days for the blog-athon to get over and I am seriously running out of fodder. I was thinking of posting yet another picture today but then the kiddo should not feel like an unpaid model and this blog should not look like a picture blog . Reasoning all this I thought I might as well put up my din charya :P I know very un-interesting read but who cares? ;)

The baby does fill up the day but there are some bits of it which are different everyday and some bits which are just the same yet oh so delightful.

Every day at 0815 there is customary call with Chennai granny over cups of coffee, breakfast and morning diaper change. At around 1100 it's time for some maalish which I enjoy as much as the baby does :) I try to plan at least half an hours walk for some grocery, the library or just like that at least four times a week. It does need motivation and will power to get geared up for the trip and especially to get the Munchie ready but then the rejuvenating feeling if having some fresh air does not have many equals . 1630 marks the time for my after noon cup of coffee/cocoa/tea depending on my mood and a Skype call to mommy dear.

As these bits of routine lend the stability to the day , there are bits of unknown which add flavour . Trying a new recipe ,making something for Chiyaa , ironing K's clothes , catching up with a friend, reading some pages of a book - they are the lovely unpredictable aspects in the day I could not do without.

The long and short of it - I am simply loving the joys of maternity . Touchwood .

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Khali dimaag :(

Yes blackout :( again :( totally empty :( what should I put up here today ?

They say na girls love shoes well my lil one loves slippers with a passion :) she sees one and she s gotta have it, hold it touch it and even try to lick it :( Things were just getting out of control so I decided to make a pair jussssssst for her

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunday ke mukhya samachar

I never gave the high points of Sunday this week so here's my list

  • Started the day with some solid retail therapy got a coat for myself :)
  • Tried a new recipe ridge gourd cooked with chickpeas
  • Cleaned up the stove which was screaming for attention
  • K did not go to office though he had plans to :))

Monday, December 3, 2012

This one was easy again :)

Reflections asked me a lot of questions in my last post :P  So give her a better picture, I thought of uploading some pictures :) 

This is a view from our balcony. Its covered in fog, but out in the distance there is a train track too :) 

The other side

A bit more area in perspective. Now you see those fields out there, during nights many predators prowl. As I said jackals and hyenas. One of them bit our lil Kinu and he succumbed :( 

A baby Rani :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fancy them?

I simplyyyyyyyyyy loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dogs.Loveeee them. We used to adopt quite a few street ones. After we moved to our own home, we adopted 2 puppies. Unfortunately one was bitten by a big jackal and another was poisoned. :( It was too heart breaking, and ever since, we stopped taking up any more. 

It so happened, our tenants ended up taking up Rani - a Labrador. She ended up having them :- 

Follow the leader 

Tired of following the leader :) 

Where are my brothers and sister? 

Rani thinks my kids are quite a handful

Does 'nt it look like a seal

Rest time

Where's my food?

Cuddle time :D

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Pregnant King

I had first heard of Devdutt Pattanaik while watching Business Sutra on CNBC India. I googled up his name and bumped a across quite a few of his works. Of them The Pregnant King somehow caught my fancy.

This is a story based on a character from Mahabharata Yuvanashva who accidentally drinks a magic potion meant for his wives and conceives a child. What follows is the debate over what is he? A man? Or a woman? A mother? Or father? If he is a mother does he have a right to the throne? And does his child have a right to the throne? On the intangible level there is the debate over what sounds sweeter ? -mother or father (He also 'fathers' a child)  As he meanders through this conundrum the reader is brought face to face with many instances where the lines are blurred.

  • Krishna being Mohini for a day and experiencing marriage and widowhood
  • Ila being man and woman by the waxing and waning of moon due to a curse of Shiva
  • Uruvashi who has two fathers and no mother
  • Shikhandi who is born a woman but made to behave like a man because of his father
  • The goddess Bahugami who must be seved by men who feel like women
  • Shilavati who is an able and just regent but cannot become king just because she is woman

These all seem so topical now given the raising awareness about homosexuality and transgender. The book opens a whole realm about how these contentions exist in the Hindu mythology as well. Some of the questions thrown are very perplexing where even the line between Shiva and Shakti is blurred. God himself is pulled in this eternal strife.

The book is an interesting read. The layers in Mahabharata never fail to amaze me. In the book too as the knots in the rope of cause and effect are unravelled it makes for very enjoyable experience. The only thing that leaves an unpleasant taste is the language :( it is very basic so much so there are minor grammatical mistakes as well. It is a very very big negative for me :(

Otherwise full marks for handling a very current issue with such dexterity!