Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sisterly love

I recently finished a book called “Before we were yours” which is about sisterly love along with other things. The book is supremely rubbish and very juvenile. But I know a thing or two about it. Mummy has 2 sisters and I have one. I am mom to 2 sisters J I get loads of display of the love between my kids which also includes a healthy dose of pinching, scratching and shouting (most of which is done by Pumpki) . But one incident stands out. I had taken the girls to an indoor play area. They were happily running around. There was a covered slide in the course. It was a bit long. It must have been a bit dark inside. Chiyaa went through it easily. Done with that, she ran over to the next part of the course. 2 seconds later, she realized her sister was not with her. She turned back and waited for Pumpki to come through. Pumpki was not visible at the beginning of the slide, which means she had started her downward journey. But it should not take her that long to get to the bottom. Chiyaa stood all worried and concerned about her little sis. Pumpki is a bit scared of heights, of fast moving slides or rides and darkness too. Since nearly a minute was done, I started to get worried too. I was about to take my shoes off and make way to the play area. That’s when I saw Pumpki emerge from the other end. As soon as she came, she hugged her sister in the warmest embrace. That moment, when they both hugged each other and look of love in their eyes - stole my heart. Then they went on to play again. When they came back to that bit of the course again, Chiyaa made Pumpki sit down with proper cross legs at the beginning of the slide. She slid through and she emerged, she screamed to Pumpki “don’t come. I am coming to you”.

I felt supremely proud. I hope no force on earth corrodes this bond. J

Thursday, January 2, 2020

First post :)

As I was reading my book yesterday, I suddenly realised that I had to turn the alarm on! It had been 8 days since I had turned it off.

It seems like yesterday being Christmas eve. Last year our office closed at noon. I expected the same this year too. So I did not get my lunch from home. There was no email from the super boss about early closure. On the contrary I got an email from K that his office would close at 1400!! His work place is the stricter one. It came to noon, still no email. Well, I waited, but as noon turned to 1300, I got impatient. And hungry too. I was toying with the idea of going out and buying lunch. But what if they closed immediately after!? I would miss eating delicious mom made food! So I waited, and waited and waited. The 4 other people in the office waited too. Two lost patience and wrapped up. I was going to make a move anyways, when bam!! the email came!"
If you are still in the building please feel free to take the afternoon off (if your manager confirms) to get on the road early and avoid the rush should you need it. If you are working from home, please disconnect and relax!" 
Woo hoo!! Holidays were officially on!!

I dashed to the bus and asked K where he was. That bugger was on his way home!! But we timed ourselves and reached home around the same time. The kids were uber excited to have both papa and mummy with them! Christmas was made up of good food and a movies. Boxing day was the same. I can say the same about 27th as well :) ;) On 28th which was Pumpki's birthday, we made a trip to the city centre and wonderful meal. We came back loaded with loads of art and crafts stuff. 29th and 30th were blessed sunny days and hence deemed playtime in the sunshine. 31st we hosted a dinner with a few friends and ushered in the new year. And 1st was as usual full of sumptuous food:) 

The theme across the 8 days was food and food. Also there was reading late into the night. One night I was up till 2am reading a book which felt just awesome. There was a lot of reading to the kids as well and they loved it. A lot of art work was created and a lot of games played. It was really the most magical time. And I woke up right depressed this morning. Literally cannot wait for the same time again this year. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019


31/12. Used to be a special day. It's still special but not cos it's the end of the year. But because I have the wonderful circle of family around.

 Last year it was only mummy who was with me. This time luckily I have papa too! The children have had their annual bout of severe cough, cold and fever. K was not spared either. He had a viral infection a month ago. Somehow his immunity was not upto the mark and he had another week of sickness. He was in fact so weak that one day he collapsed with a blackout. The Christmas holidays helped him recover. There was opportunity to rest which has enabled him to be spruced up for welcoming the new year. Mummy though not 100 percent, is on her way to recovery after her sickness too. 

Just a month ago we were all by ourselves. Making do with a rhythm. The kids are definitely grown up and are participating in a lot of activities. They are also much more compliant and adhere to instructions. Though the occasional meltdown occurs too :) That made K endure a 4 weeks of summer vacation with the kids. He is one who is terrified of the idea of managing both of them. But even he could sense a better fabric of discipline. It was much easier manoeuvre them at home and even outside. We made a trip to Lisbon which was our first Europe trip as a family and it was very fulfilling and fun filled . 

This year has been a year of growing. The children are growing as if evident in their bond for each other, in their awareness of the world around and in their enhanced knowledge and influence. It also brought in the 4th birthday of Pumpki which heralds her karate lessons and next stage in swimming. She is also going to school next year! Chiyaa also moved on to the next key stage at school which drove home the seriousness of studying. Growing is synonymous  to aging especially for us adults. I could definitely find a reduced metabolism, thinning hairline, the more prominent greys and other tell tale signs of approaching middle age. But it also helped K and I find a passion in running  and karate. As we are growing, so are our parents. And I can see them go down in an accelerated pace. They are loosing their health and stamina. Though they try to keep up and keep going, I can see their health taking a toll. 

As we stand on the threshold of a new year,I hope our parents have the health and agility for their stay on this planet. I hope we have passions and interests to keep us alive and we are ever connected with the younger generation - physically, emotionally and intellectually. I hope the new generation keeps enhancing their already heightened morality, intelligence and superior sense of duty. I hope the next year brings forth new challenges and accomplishments. Wishing everyone who passes by a very happy new year. 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Figured it out!

I do not promote myths, I do not burst bubbles either. So if anyone asks me 'Is Santa real' I will say 'Hmm... I don't think so.. But I am not sure ' ;) You get the flow? And by anyone her I mean my kids of course :) Since I am not one to promote myths I never take my kids to ' Santa's grottos' or the like. *rolls eyes* Also I am very miserly when it comes to spending money in such places. I rather eat something for the same buck.

Luckily for me my kids never posed the question. Chiyaa never bothered much with Santa in her nursery years. In her last year at nursery in fact she was scared of him! When there was a Santa event in school, I think in year 2, she came home and said 'Mr Reed is Santa!' I applauded her for figuring it out :D 

One time Chiyaa mentioned to Pumpki that there was no Santa and mummy buys the gifts. I am not sure whether Pumpki registered that comment. But when Santa came visiting to her nursery she was perplexed. She asked me' Is it Christmas today?' I had to confess that it wasn't. Then she went ballistic ' THEN WHY DID HE COME TODAY AND WHY DID HE GET ME THE WRONG GIFT OF A BOOK WHEN I WANTED A JUNGLE?' I mildly said that 'He comes to nursery early maybe, and let's hope he doesn't mess up your gift on real Christmas day '. She was pacified by it, but I think in her heart Santa lost his charm :D 

But I must give kudos to her clever deduction!On her birthday what better way to pay tribute to her than by writing about her logical mind. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Not meant to be

Papa mummy landed on the 10th of December. It was a carefully planned trip, one which was decided a year ago. Generally I feel we are unsure of what is going to happen the next day, and papa planned to come back in a year’s time. The winter months are treacherous. They are the season of sickness and flu and terrible mobility limiting cold. But mummy is always gung ho to come and support us in the winter months. And papa wanted to be a part of most events in the family. Chiyaa, Pumpki and I are winter born. K’s and my wedding anniversary is in January while papa, mummy’s wedding anniversary is in February making the winter packed with a load of celebration. The decision materialized and they made the trip.

My parents are quite confident and comfortable around the house. So K and I were quite ok with not taking a day off when they arrived. We also could not work from home, since the home broad band had gone out of order. I waited the morning for them to come in. As soon as they reached, I handed the keys, gave a brief refresher of gas switches, heaters, water etc and bolted out. I spent the entire day wondering how they were doing. I totally forgot to mention that we had a phone with a pre-paid connection ready for them. I finished work a bit early since I wanted to be with them ASAP. I reached home, envisioning mummy opening the door, offering me tea and sitting down for a chat. But when I reached a very different scene stood. Papa came crying and said, mummy is not well. I went and saw mummy lying on the bed holding her head. She kept saying she felt very ill. Her stomach and head hurt a lot. Her look took the breath out of me. She looked so ill and so unwell. I was not sure what to do. The medical facilities in the UK are supremely complicated. I was not certain what I should be doing. So I gave her some over the counter pain killers and asked her to get some sleep. It was very distressing seeing her in so much pain. Their travel is especially convoluted where they have to take a flight from Bhubaneswar to a major city, then spend close to 12 hours for their next international flight. Mummy did complain that she did not sleep a wink in her flight. This compounded with aircraft and airport food, would have a crippling effect on health, especially given their age. We hoped that pain killers and some antacids would help her recover. We gave one night for her to improve. 

Day2 Papa finally said that she needed medical attention.  She had not eaten a morsel of food. It was very unlike her who throws herself into action. The kids waited on her, coming to her bed and checking her. I am sure, she would have hurled herself at them and hugged them. But she was so severely unwell that she did not rouse herself. I made a lot of calls and found the best course of action to undertake. I managed to get a walk in appointment. Mummy was finally seen by a doctor after a wait of 1.5 hours. The doctor recommended medicines for an infection. It was my birthday, not a day I thought I would spend at the hospital. I had hoped for a big cake, dinner at a new place and long chats with mummy and papa. Things have a way of getting messed up. Atleast I was happy that mummy got the medical attention without the fuss we had anticipated.

The birthday celebrations were subdued. I got some cake for the kids. We decided to order some food, but the order got cancelled due to some technical glitch. It was as if things were not meant to be. In a days’ time, we were throwing a party for Pumpki’s 4th birthday. We hoped that mummy would be ok to attend that. Friday she showed remarkable progress and started coming and helping. She had to be scolded by me to take things slow.

Mummy did attend Pumpki’s party and it was a lovely feeling to have them around. But her sickness made me feel how vulnerable my parents can be when it comes to health. I hope God always grants them the health to pursue whatever they want. Amen.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

My Man III

This one has a back story. So there is an Indian lady who I am pals with. Her daughter is pals with Chiyaa. The lady is quite the gregarious kinds, who organizes get togethers and days out and what not – mostly with fellow Indian ladies or families. She is kind enough to always inform me and ask me if I would be game to join in. Being my typical unsocial self mostly responds with a no J

So she set up a movie night to watch the Frozen 2 movie. I was ambivalent. I am not into movies and especially not into the Frozen franchise. Also I did not want to spend one evening with people, forcing myself to socialize! I just told K of the event. Then he said he was happy to go for the movie with Chiyaa. We both knew that it would be moms centric gathering with a few fathers joining in. Keeping kids entertained is mostly mom’s job. But K said, he would accompany Chiyaa to the movie. I was amazed. I said he was being so “progressive”. To which his response was “She will have her friend for company. She likes Frozen and can watch the movie. I do not see what is progressive in this.” But I tell you, it is progressive. Most people would not have been able to think of it beyond a moms only gathering. That is all to be honest I saw in it. And I felt it would be odd if K went there as the only dad with a child. I know in this day and age, there is nothing wrong, but some norms are hard to break.

K may fight that progressive is too big a term and he was essentially doing whatever he was doing with least bit of premeditation. But I know him better. The girls are lucky to have a rocking dad like him! The world needs lots more Ks.

Friday, November 1, 2019

My man II

Its school holidays and K is home. This is a week long break out of which 3 days Chiyaa if off for sports club. K has to drop her and pick her up on time and that’s pretty much job done. Since Pumpki is off to daycare as usual, it is some classic "me time" for K.

But yesterday I threw a curve ball at him. I asked him to cook some pasta for Chiyaa and feed her once she was back. He was aghast! He asked me to keep the water and the salt in a pan and keep the measure of the pasta that needed to go in. I rolled my eyes and did the needful. Around 1300 I got a message inquiring, how long did he need to boil the pasta. I replied, till the pasta was cooked. To which there was the follow up questions “How will I know the pasta is cooked”. I was like seriously? I asked him check by piercing a pasta with a fork and eating it to check if it was done. Unbelievable that this was all for pasta and not for launching a missile.

Today the poor man woke up at 0645 in spite of it being a holiday for him. When I asked him the reason, he said, he hadn't had coffee in 2 days! He has black coffee! It needs a teaspoon of coffee in water boiled in a electric kettle poured into a cup. I add a splash of double cream. It again isn't rocket science. But dear K cannot manage it. The foodie cannot cook to save his life :D