Sunday, July 3, 2011

The roller coaster that was

The house seems funny. Every corner reeks of their absence. The bathroom has been emptied of the cascade of toiletries. The dressing table looks deserted. All of a sudden coats hangers are free. The entrance which looked like one to a temple thanks to all the shoes is neat.  Luggages - where are they suddenly?

The last 21 days were a blur. It was exactly 3 Fridays ago that we made the trip to Manchester airport to pick my folks. I could not contain my anxiousness of seeing them for like 2 minutes. I was imagining all sorts of worse case scenarios- they missed the connecting flight, their luggages were lost, they are held up in immigration and a zillion more. I was going berserk to the point of asking K to contact information center. After 30 minutes of agonising wait (which is quick by normal standards) I saw my dad. Woo hoo!! Bye bye worse case scenarios. Its time to head home.

After a days rest we had a week long travel programme. That done, it was life as usual but with a lot of zing. I did not have to take the ipod for walks, cos I had dad. Its real fun taking a walk with him, the inquisitive him asking lots and lots of questions. Afternoons were spent strolling with mom and sis and visiting all the shops on the high street. I simply adore shopping with mommy and sister. There is simply nothing as cool as that. Our choices are so in sync, they help me pick stuff so so so easily. Every single day for 2 weeks we spent the afternoons shopping. Some days were just research strolls where we did market survey:) Other days were dedicated to shoes. :) I could drone on about each and every day but then all that is history.

Things were just different with them around. But then all good things should come to an end, and heres hoping for good times to come back again.