Friday, May 25, 2018

Hmmm interesting

There are some things in this world that only I can do. Listen ( or read) this incident to believe.
Yesterday I decided to make egg curry. With a lot of love. Special egg curry( what's special? Nothing much, read somewhere add cashew nuts  to the the tomato puree). Now I put the tomatoes in the grinder jar, along with ginger, garlic, coriander seeds and yes the magic ingredient - cashew nuts! Gave it a whirr. A loud clanging sound came out of if. Rather than stopping ( which any sensible person would have done) I assumed there must be piece of ice in the tomato( sometimes the tomatoes freeze if they are in contact with the back of the fridge). I kept grinding. The clanging noise continued. I was not one to give up. I thought hmmm extra hard ice eh? I kept blending. But when the clanging still continued I thought, that much blending would have melted the ice berg that Titanic got hit by. Now was a good time to see what the matter might be.

I opened the lid and saw a spare blade of the blender being the culprit. The plastic bits of the blade had started coming up. I think if I would have tried 2-3 hours, the blade itself would have disintegrated. 

The incident reminded me of something similar during my school days. One day I felt something knobbly in my shoe. Now rather than looking into  it, like any sensible person would, I continued. Again I assumed it would be a small stone. Whole  day long, I kept turning my foot this and that to let the 'stone' be near my heel or,my fingers. I came home and opened my shoe and saw...........................

A frog!!
Long dead, definitely looking like a stone now! ( The place where we lived had all sorts of fauna)

Well...history repeats they say ;) 

Yesterday evening after K finished his dinner ( he ate before me), he said ' I think there is glass or something in the curry '. I said ' don't worry, it's only plastic, you won't get hurt :P)

And we survived after eating curry mildly laced with plastic :D

Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Release

I am lucky to have my mom or amma being with us intermittently. In the absence of any other family or much close friends that is the best we can have. Amma was to travel yesterday after her 6 month stint in the UK. When someone has to travel I feel jittery. To allay my jitters I take the day off ( convenient ;) I know). I asked K to also book the day just in case. We could have some much needed 'us' time.  Ironically  in the 6 months that amma was here, we never ventured even for a movie. Though  we have had the occasional grocery run :) . So we decided to take the day off - to get used to the routine with out amma as well. Amma helps quite a lot in the kitchen. She is also an additional pair of hands once the kids are back cranky and tired from day care and school. 6 months of that needs a day of unlearning.

Our original plan was to have a nice, quiet lunch at some place where the menu would take ages to be served.  You get the drift 'fine dining'. But then we got pragmatic. What is point of engaging in an exercise which will make our pockets lighter and bodies heavier. Why not catch a movie..better still catch two movies ( I know very uninspired). When I was staying at Hyderabad and K had come to say bye before his on site trip, we had watched 3 movies back to back! Why not relive those days. We also had two movies to our liking - avengers and deadpool 2! 

After amma started and the kids were dropped, we decided to get off asap. As we were about to step out - boom! No, not thunderstorms. The back door won't lock!!! It was like the stars were aligned for us NOT to have a good time. K was the picture of despair - as if India lost world cup by 2 runs, like he opened his lunch expecting paneer and ended up getting poha( yeah he hates poha - I can't imagine how! I love poha), like he was about to finish work and his boss gave a severity 1 issue. 

We Googled. Emergency locksmiths ( gosh the things you can Google! So so,useful ;). One would come within 30-60 mins. Will do. We waited hoping it would be 30 rather than 60. He turned up in 36 minutes!! The job was done in another 30( seems like the door 's hinges had worn out and the door wasn't aligned straight. So much for technical details. The man did have a passion for locks and keys - explained us three types while we kept eyeing the clock). We paid the price and noticed we were 10 minutes away from the show. 

We decided to dart for it. We scooted. We made it! Deadpool was ok( K loved it!) Huh! Avengers was mind blowing! Funny, intelligent, deep!!! A movie that made my day. Sadly we did not have time to engaged in fan tradition of waiting for  clip after the end credits since we were getting dangerously close to pick ups. 

Kids picked up and reality hit in :D