Sunday, June 26, 2011

Full House

Amma joined us on the 20th of last month and the Chennai trio was complete. And last week on the 10th, my mom, dad and sis reached! Now that's are a real full house!

Our joy just knows no bounds. It is just so amazing to be all together. The whole plan had so much ironing out to do. Dad has his post retirement activities which he did not want to miss out. Sis had her work. Mom had her responsibilities for my  maternal granny. So along with all this, it was a marvel that all 3 of them were able to manage these 3 weeks to come here. It would have been a cherry on top of it, if K would have been able to manage some leaves. But then perfect is boring.

I really relish that fact that my family gets along famously. Big touchwood to that! And somehow by the grace of God, we do happen to pull out some or the other get together. 2008, we spent the Dusserra vacation together at Bbsr with trips to Puri and Chilika being the highlights. 2009, when sis got her posting at Mysore, we all managed a trip for 4 days when we travelled like crazy. 2010, was a bad year by all standards. 2011, and here we are all together. Could not thank Chubby God enough for making this happen.

The travel agent/tour operator inside me was kicked alive by the presence of so many people. And I made plans like crazy. I had a 2.5 days trip to London and a 3.5 days trip to Scotland planned to a T. Since K was conspicuous by his absence, I had a lot of things to take care of. Surprisingly my dad who is annoyingly fussy about food, place or stay and literally everything was very well behaved. A proper rice and chappatti person, he lived on sandwiches, salads, pasta and pizzas for 7 days! He was a sport to climb the tallest peaks in Scotland, which even the moms had given up. Being the fast walker, it was amazing fun to strut beside him. I am so proud of you Papa! There was even this one time, when he being the impulsive adventurous one, broke off from the herd and ended up getting separated from us. This when we were in a ferry. He got down in some stop where we were not supposed to. But then when the womenfolk returned realising a missing Papa, he was standing guard at the gates of the stop with the most ridiculous smile on his face. I was fuming but seeing his smile did not have the heart to reprimand. Amma of course did give him a nice hearing ;)

The moms as usual were the voice of advise and reason and were ever watchful. Tour done, we all concurred that India simply rocks. Be it history, architecture, nature or any realm, India can put the entire world to shame. I just hope someone gives our tourism industry a booster shot :(

Anyhoo, now its time for the next good thing about holidays. FOOD. The house is brimming with it. Both moms cook in a frenzy and we gobble food like theres no tomorrow. K has resumed his habit of coming for luch whenever he can cos who wants to miss a the cosy feel of home. Along with good food, there is also shopping. It is such fun shopping with mom and sister. I have been able to stack up shoes and purses again.  

I do not do the dishes, vaccuum the house, throw garbage, cook or do anything at all for that matter. But everything gets done. Some parts of the house do look like the waiting room of a railway station. ( Picture this) 

But I am amazed that six people are able to fit in this real minuscule place.I think when we got place in the hearts there no need for rooms in a house. (Kitna zyaada filmi dialogue
hai - shame on me).