Monday, July 9, 2012

When the other side is correct

I read this on the omniscient, omnipresent Facebook - In marriage there is the right side and then there is the husband. How true :P

But then sometimes the other half says something which is ahem - correct.
Well it so happens that I hate rains. I have made my hatred for it stand out time and again. Now I am in a place where rains are well well well the less said the better. Friday was the (1000)1000  th day that it was raining continuously. Cos it was a Friday I was a bit more miffed at the rains than usual. Then K asked me - If what you feel like doing in the rains is snuggle in the bed with a cup of tea and read a book, why don't you do that? Why do you try to fight  it? Satya Vachan!!!!! 

I was like such pearls of wisdom making perfect sense from himmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I choose to obey thee. So once K started to work I sat up all cosy with a cup of coffee and got on an elongated call with my mom over Skype. I did not care about making lunch for the day, making some snacks ready as I do when Chiyaa is asleep. I just went on yak yak yakkity yak with mom about all and sundry. Like good ol days. Chiyaa too on cue slept long and nice. The day following was K's birthday and I thought I could bake the wise man a cake. I took directions from the expert baker mommy. Got everything ready and then realised I did not have a baking tray. So I got on the original plan - yep Microwave cookies. (Natural progression from no bake to microwave bake to full scale baking) And the result is thus - 
IN YOUR FACE BAKING in your faceeeeeee. K liked the cake but would have preferred it fluffier because as soon as he put the (plastic) fork inside, the fork broke into two! Things will surely improve the next time around :) 

As of now I was waiting for the bday to come up while praying my plants survive the battering.