Thursday, August 28, 2008

Up and Down

I was on a trip to Hyderabad for 2 days. I am always so gaga about the place, that it sometimes gets on the nerves of K. So I call it the city which cannot be named ;)

I had asked Dino to book the rooms for us... and strangely.. the guest house itself was a pleasant surprise. Since Dino is awesome at underplaying his talents, he had said not to have any high hopes on the place especially since I was paying one grand per day. I somehow thought, the room would be one with the bare minimums - satisfying only one criteria I had stressed upon - cleanliness. But then when I reached there - it was neat no doubt, but was a good piece of construction as well. The wood work of the room was very tastefully done which was a treat for the eyes :) And with a tv and well functional ac - and a very BIG and beautiful bathroom(the tiles were too cute which depicted dolphins taking a splash ) - what more could I ask for?

Once refreshed I ventured to visit pals at my previous firm. It felt different, but not weird. I wanted to meet so many folks, there was so much that needed to be said and expressed in the short time. I could literally feel how I and my friends were literally rushing on the words. There was really too much to talk. I always feel that no matter, how much you talk over the phones, how many hours you spend over messengers(even if daily), there are so many thoughts which come over when you actually meet the person. Mundane things seem to jump into the forefront, demanding immediate attention and the conversations just go on. And once its time to say the good byes yet again and depart- one is left with so many more thoughts- and a hope - ok next time.

Going back through the same lane of the office after 5 odd months made me very nostalgic. Some how - afternoons make me nostalgic. During the weekdays, I am so ensconced in the office environs, that I rarely get a chance to take a peek outside. So the days I do get an opportunity I dunno why, I fall into a reverie. Every person passing by reminds me of some by gone days. As on that day, I saw a person hurrying across the street with a file. And I was reminded of my last day in that office, when I was scurrying around getting a demand draft done to pay off my dues to the company and then the whole evening of my penultimate day at Hyderabad zapped through, making the heart ache.

Evening it was time to meet my ex roomie. The easy camaraderie that we always shared was bang in place. And though I did most of the talking during dinner cos her throat was in a shape, it was a real nice time. Shes passing through times which are topsy turvy times, but then shes the same hard core optimist that she always has been! I was feeling a bit jittery that she was passing through all that she was passing through, but then she never did as much as get a crease on her brow!!Wish you much better times ahead roomie dear..... The darkest hour is just before the dawn( The dark knight :) )

The next day I had to attend my friends wedding. I wished I could be near her all the while and I could be with her for the entire duration of the ceremonies. But then I was starting back home on the same day and I had to scurry off after being at the wedding for some 3 hours. This friends wedding was a big deal at her home. It was being a bit tough finding an alliance for her. But at the end, it all went on fine. I could see the glow of satisfaction on her moms face, which nearly brought me to tears. I know she was in the midst of too much, to be aware of the events, or of the transition she was stepping into. But when I left from the wedding hall, the feeling was of regret that I could not be with her for longer and happiness that she was "settled".

As I started back, I was a bundle of a lot of emotions. Each part of the city somehow evoked some memory. The malls reminded me of the joyous evenings, some sections reminded me of the road I used to take for the CAT mock tests, the street that led to my house made me reminiscent of the quaint life there.... Phew! I cant pen down all that I felt I suppose.

If I would have written this post yesterday, it would have had sadder intonations. Cos, I stepped into a house without my niece. She was with us for 3 months and then yesterday poof! suddenly she was gone - leaving some used clothes, her smell of milk, the smell of dettol( she was all of 3 months only :) and went back to her dad s place yesterday), her empty cradle which brought both K and me to tears and a deafening silence. The house used to reverberate with her cries, with footfalls to rush to her, with endearments to pacify her. Yesterday all that remained was a lull.

I just thought, this too will pass. Time is undoubtedly the bestest healer.
So I am in much better spirits today though I miss my dear chutki dearly......

Friday, August 1, 2008

End of an innings

Yesterday was my dad's last day at work. Technically.
He still has lot of years more which he can put into work, but yesterday was the end of term by Government rules.

We always used to tease my dad a lot that when he retires he would get bored and all. But some how he used to give an impression that he was looking forward to retirement. He used to make such lavish plans of spending his time with 3 of his fav things - cricket, news and newspaper. I some how could never digest the fact, that my dad who loves being outside, would be at home all day long. Yea he is a very lazy person .....but being at home whole day long - nay, thats not him.
I used to pull his leg by telling - you gonna make mom's life hell by bullying her around whole day long. And since she has so many years more before she retires, it will be all the more troublesome for her.
Then he used to reply - no need to bother for me. I will be engaged in some thing or the other. Every day just gossiping with my pals can take solid 2-3 hours. And then I will get on with TV.

I used to think - may he be his chirpy self always. Cause I had heard a lot of tales about people being depressed when they retire. My grandma, was very cranky for nearly a fortnight after she retired. And she used to get all teary eyed on seeing the big fur teddy bear her students had presented her.

Hmmm ... I used to think, may be its the same kind of feeling I have when I leave a company. On my last day with a firm - there have been 2 occasions for the same - I would meet up every single person I have had a more than mere professional relationship. And those farewell parties et al :( The sending of that "Last day at office/Adios/ etc etc " mail. Those moments kinda make one relish the good and only the good of the days at work. No matter how bad some days might have been, no matter how unscrupulous the boss might have been, no matter how pathetically un responsive the team mates might have been - end of the tenure one remembers only the applause, the accomplishments, the accolades - and that makes one feel so nostalgic :( . I used to think would nt it be the same way for dad? I any ways have a new job, new colleagues, new work to look forward to- but being at home full time ........ hmm now thats a tad scary :S

Some days prior to the actual retirement, he popped a surprise by saying that he would be joining another organization!! Well well well... my dad too is averse to being at home all day all alone. He was not as lazy as I had assumed him to be.

And yesterday the D day came. Evening when I called up home, my sister said that he was pretty irritable. Seems he was in a foul mood ever since he got back. Hmm and I could somehow empathize with him. He had had a lavish farewell, he had been attending quite a few farewell parties over the past week - but yesterday was a big and tearful one. In the morning one of his old colleagues came over and wished him luck on his last day at work. I think no one missed the opportunity to make him feel that 31st July 2008 is the day when he retires from work.

He used to crib a lot about his work place - which entailed 2.5 hours of travel every day. He was at loggerheads with some people in the office. He used to look forward to his retirement. But then, when it came, I don't think he welcomed it.

But Papa, don't worry. As you said yesterday - I still have 5-6 years of work with me. He has this knack of rattling statistics. So as usual yesterday he said, life expectancy has increased - its 75 in India now - I aint old :) 60 is not senior citizens any more. Its gonna be 65 soon. True Papa. You still have lots more in you. Its just the end of an innings. You still have to rattle those concepts of bio chemistry and microbiology to many many more students. You have a long long way to go. Retirement is just another word.