Friday, July 27, 2007

The ones who never saw the light of the day...

I am generally pretty indecisive as a person.
It takes me eons to decide on the most trivial of things.
And I have not been able to zero in on a blog.
There have been quite a lot which were in my mind as nascent ideas. But I never summoned to zeal to give shape to them as words. The drafts of the wannabe blogs buzzed in my head during long train journeys or when I brushed my teeth or worst of all, while I read the newspaper.
But some how I never managed to put them in black and white.
Either I was hard pressed for time, or I found the ideas too mundane to claim space in my blogosphere, or they just skimmed into a nebulous form when I attempted to give shape to them.
But there were a few lucky once who passed through the initial draft. But then when I got to read them, my very first response would be "NAYYYYYYYYYYYYY".

Many a times I did attempt to add another line here, edit a paragraph there – but the results lacked sheen. So I gave up further attempts at improvisation.

So this blog goes out to all those who did not make it. :-(

* Auto Mode

* Been there Lived there

* Horror And I

* Profundities

* Scent of a Moment

* Summer of 03

Hope some day I have some postings with these titles.

Till then, rest in peace. :-|


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes there is a very brilliant idea in my mind and then I slack off on putting it down on the paper and then I totally forget what it was about or I loose direction.
The key is to put the things down on paper right there and then. Just grab a paper and make an outline... it will help.
By the way, I am sure your writings cant be that bad.We always tend to underestimate ourselves. Please post the posts with the titles you mentioned.
I, for one, would love to read those.

Kiran Mahasuar said...

Have alook at my new blog.Its there at

Amrita said...

Raaji, that was encouraging.. But...

Vinod Ekbote said...

Hey, Amrita. You really write well. The post on Shantaram was good. Glad I came across your blog.


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