Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Feeling Blank

Some times I am very incoherent. I hate being in the state when I am blank. I am without an opinion, without a thought, without a vision – a state when I feel everything zipping past me and I like a mute spectator just watch on. My mind on one hand urges me to move, to get up, and to do some thing, anything but lie in a limbo. At any given point of time are not there lots of things to be completed, lots of tasks pending, lots and lots of ‘to do s’? But on the other hand I feel like just being as I am. I feel like wasting my muscles, subduing my thoughts. I feel any ways I won’t be able to effect much change in a few hours or in a day. There will still remain lots more things to be completed, some more pending tasks and there will never be tick marks against all the ‘to do s’. So why make the effort?

Just let time take hold. Let the day move on. Let tomorrow come. Tomorrow will be a new day. Tomorrow will throw new challenges on your face. Tomorrow will ask you to take up a new gauntlet. Tomorrow will force you to come out of the state of inertia. Tomorrow you won’t be in this insipid state of inaction.

But when tomorrow comes I feel ‘ARGH! I wasted yesterday :-( ‘


Shallu Goyal said...

well nicely framed thoughts.Here 1 thing to be believed is ..until n unless we make a move n accomplish it, no one is going to do it for us....its only we who hav to do it and repent later if not done...`"there is a good probability to finish if there is a start bt there is no end without a start"

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

this is called "procrastination" my friend... and it is quite common among people of our age, and then there is this guilt factor associated with the procrastination i hate it, i wish the guilt wouldnt come afterwards but it always does.

I can so relate to this post. This is what i am feeling this week as well. I so need a weekend to get my life in perspective :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Anyway, I tagged you. You should drop by and see it. This tag will make you reflect on yourself a little bit :)

Ashu said...

Well framed. Tomorrow is something, on which we want to put down the troubles and worries of today and then that tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow always instills a great deal of hope and even after lots of tomorrows become yesterdays full of false hope and listless days, the tomorrow never dies :)

Such is the power

Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read the post. Thanx for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

Dj said...

Everything in nothingness and Nothingness in Everything. Great post. \m/

nandinee said...

i have been feeling the same lately ...just like i have a defence mechanism in me to protect myself from pain...i.dt feel a thing....i am alive only when my baby niece is around...i have isolated myself and i have no clue what so ever what to do abt this condition

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