Monday, September 24, 2007


Hmm I owed this to Raaji..
So there you go..
My middle name is way too long 10 alphabets :-(
So I am gonna go with my nickname Cherrie :)

"C" - Cold/choice
I am very susceptible to the first.
And I don t like making the second.
A little waft of cold breeze from the nook in the window, a little drop in the temperate, the fan staying on a little longer than the usual time at night - And thats it. I am all sneezing and huffing panting in the morning.
As I am prone to acute sinusitis, pain reliving balms are my best friends. My handbag always has one and loadssssss of tissue papers.
I never go to bed with out a handkerchief and a bottle of de-congesant beside me. Such is my plight.

And I have always hated making choices.
Since I was a kid it seems, I am the indecisive one. "People like us should not be given choices" - Is what my close friend and I declare. But alas!! Life throws ample choices at us :( I envy those people who had to go on a straight path through out their life, there were never many choices to make, life just thrust things on their face... I know they must be cursing their existence... But I would love to swap places with them. ( Ya ya.. I hear quite a few saying.. The grass on the other side......... )

"H" - Hope
I am always filled with it. No matter what the situation I trust the God above. I refer to Him as My chubby God :) And I believe, He can never mean harm. So why loose hope. We ordinary mortals are not able to see the bigger picture which he is etching.

"E" - Exercise
I am a freak when it comes to exercise. My family is full of exercise freaks I feel. Dad never misses his walks. Mom and sis are avid Yoga practitioners. And I have been into everything from walks to Yoga to aerobics to swimming.
And if I don t do any sort of exercise for a week, I start imagining love handles and tires :(
And this is the state I have been for the past 2 weeks. Since the weather has become a bit chill, I have been too lazy to move in the mornings. :( Have been scolding myself but not getting motivated enough :(

"R" - Reading
I love it. Cant say more than this :)

"R" - Romantic
That I am of course not. :)
Again I will quote my best friend who says " We are too practical to be romantic" I don t know how many people would agree with this. But it sounds a jazzy catch line- so we stick with it.
My idea of romance is getting duplicate keys done from the store across the street, buying vegetables together and quarreling over the quantity, and very very common place things. I am not into the hearts and flowers stuff at all...I infact get irritated by any thing remotely mushy.

"I" - Impatient
Impatience should have been my middle name :D
But it does not sound so nice so I gave it a miss.
I am as impatient as my dad.
I am impatient when it comes to any thing and everything, starting from waiting for the train/flight, queuing up in the bank or post office, people walking slowly on the streets, stubborn vegetables not getting cooked sooner,water coming slowly out of the tap, the list can go on and on and on.
I wish patience was a virtue I had. And my mom being the epitome of patience, I so so wish I had an iota of her patience.
But now I think now I am too old to change :)

"E" - English
My adopted mother tongue :)


Anonymous said...

Hey quite a great post cherrie :). could relate to lot of things. especially the impatience one. but off late it seems i hv got quite of it.

Great to know about some funnier aspects of you. And as i said lot of them hold true for me too, esp the hanky thingy. when i get cold, get it big.

funny :)



Amrita said...

Thanks a lot :)

Deepsikha Mishra said...

And All of them hold True 4 me
:-D :-D :-D Cold se Lekar bein a workout fanatic :-D Amrita U just ROCK big time :-* n r very very sweet!!! Watz ur sunsign By d Way :-D :-D How can d every Bit of ur traits be similar wid :-D.

Cheers :-)


R u a SHoe fanatic by ne chance?? :D :D

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hehehe... really interesting post. I had so much fun reading it.

I loved your "exercise" and being unromantic.
But if you are unromantic then how do you like my posts? :-O
I know half of my writings are very mushy mushy... so is it that you have been lying to me all this time.. huh? LOL

Ashma said...

hey another great one dear.. :) and as usual we need not talk.. :D same thing for ALL of it.. except the exercise one.. u know me.. ;-)

bluecoffemug said...

sweet post..needs a lot of courage to write about true you..and the cold and choices thing..same to same...evn i want to know... wots ur sun sign?????

MM said...

U have done a great job of what shud the most common tag around these days!!

Gud day!

Abhishek Khanna said...

tagging season all around :)

Anonymous said...

Hey u havent updated ur blog or i m not able to see it. u had written one post abt ur home trip.

Kiran said...

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