Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hmm one thing I hate is crossing the railway tracks. But it is what I do every day.
I take the local train to commute from home to office.
Evenings we have a drop from the office to the station.
Now there are two ways to get to the platform to board the train: -
1. Go over the foot over bridge
2. Jump over the tracks

The entry points for taking either of the routes subsequently are different.
The employees of my firm literally coax the driver of the cab which takes us to the station to park it so that they can go over the tracks rather than take the foot over bridge. ( much to my annoyance)

Jumping over the tracks freaks me out.
A relative of mine once had a pretty bad experience when her shoe got stuck in between the tracks with a train being pretty close.
I always get terrorized by that thought.
And many a times I can hear the whistle of the train, or the light cast by it, and still I huff and pant and struggle over the tracks mustering all my courage. ( now don't ask me why do I do it, if I dislike it so much. Maybe the thought of being all alone on the platform while all my colleagues would be chugging their way home, is not very palatable for me)

So many a times I have ended up scrapping my precious shoes over the pebbles on the track, hurt my foot innumerable times, stumbled, dropped my laptop, and been through a literal rough patch while crossing the tracks.

But yest I just crossed all the limits.
There was not just our train which are coming, there was another train from the opposite direction as well. So basically there were two monsters heading on towards me.
People were scrambling to make it to the other side.
One of my colleagues who is a close friend, reached the safety of the plat form quite soon.
She stood there calling " Come on Make it Fast,Come on"
And here I was scared, petrified, in dilemma and very tensed- Looking at the two sets of tracks to be crossed.

Then I just decided to go for it.
I literally covered one of the tracks in one leap(Boy! did nt it feel amazing! ).
I hope my mom never gets to read this blog, cos she was hell worried when I had mentioned the 'track jumping' act.
If she hears of me making it with the train being so close, and more over with two trains heading towards me, I think she will make me leave my job :D

PS: My friend told me, my train crossing reminded of her of the famous Aamir Khan train run from the movie Ghulam :D :D :D


Abhishek Khanna said...

yeah .. ghulam movie scene came to my head while reading ur blog..:D

Ashu said...

Are you crazy ? Never do this stupidity again in ur life......thoda time bachane ke liye why do u need to risk ur life and cross the tracks. better go the footbridge way!!!!!!!

take care!!!

Amrita said...

@Abhishek: Thanks :D
@Ashu: Kya karun... i am 'provoked' by others :S ;)

Parisbuggy said...

Whew! My advise: better be Ms. Late than Late Ms.:) I had a similar brush with fright of my life while crossing tracks at Matunga, Bombay. I won't ever forget thatand I will never do it again!!

Abhishek Khanna said...

dont listen to ashu.. sum fun is necessary in life :D

Ashma said...

hey dear.. it reminded me of my school days.. there was a railway station between my house and school. There were days that all the tracks were empty and we used to jump our way home.. rare scenarios.. :(.. however on some occasions, we would see only a few goods trains standing and we would cross under the trains.. it was FUN.. and one day we did have a situation where we were just coming out from under one goods train and had a train coming up right at us in the next track.. i m sure u can imagine the situation.. we just stood in the space between the 2 train tracks and waited while the train passed... :) Scared though we were at that time, it didnt stop us doing it next time around, though we were more ALERT..

So take care and in case u get someone to walk over the bridge.. plz do that. If not, don't cross if u can see a train is coming, wait for it to pass. Your companions should wait for you.

Deepsikha Mishra said...

hehhehehe Khayal rakha kar my dear :SS n ur shoes :( I knw u have a fetish 4 them :D...par be careful re pukka se chinta hojayegi infact horahi hai already :-| :SS..hugss!! :-* Nice post >D<

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i wonder if i should laugh at it sympathize with you.

I am not really afraid... in fact we take the walk to downtown through the tracks. Its not crossing them.. its more like walking on them... but then the thing is... a train seldom passes through this small town so its not that of a big deal.
Well... good luck and watch out please.

MM said...

Well..thats absoultely dangerous. Do watch ur step when u do that, if at all u have to do that!!

Na.Su.Krishnan said...

Don't do it if the station is a busy one..

Sach said...

nice blog...
blogrollin ya!!

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Beautiful pics. Nicely decorated!

Red Soul said...

hey! my name is amrita too. lol came thru abhishek's blog

★●Shadow Stalker●★ said...

Thanks for blogrolling me, I'll do the same. :)


vk said...

Now... THATs 'life on the fast track' !!

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