Year 2007

Hmm...Well I dont give much importance to the New Year Fever and the hoopla surrounding the coming new year. But some how all the forwards doing the rounds about the year ending and all, has kinda made me recollect the very first day of this year.
That day I had traveled back from my home to K's place. And one of my friends had told me, you have traveled on the start of the year, guess you gonna be on the move for the whole year(This is a very common superstition every one kinda follows, that whatever you do on the first of January you do for the entire year) But as I look back seriously this year has been full of lotsa movement. First of all when I least expected, I got a job offer and moved to another city. Then from here I had the chance to travel a lot. Nearly within every 3 months I was either moving to my home town or to visit some place or the other. And being at Hyderabad brought a welcome changes.
  • I started blogging
  • I learn t swimming
  • I learn t the art of makeup
  • And I got some really awesome friends
  • I wrote CAT again and this time during preparation I did not make the mistakes that I had made in the last attempt. I had never thought I would be able to give the exam again. But I am simply in love with the exam. Sounds weird, but I respect the format a lot and some how I feel it tests all the aspects a person should have to be an able manager.
Now I am at the threshold of leaving this city again- to go back to K. But I am really gonna miss the way of life out here. I am going to miss the loads of new friends I made within the short span of time. I am going to miss the folks I used to go for lunch with. I am going to miss the gang that used to take the train together with me and who was the inspiration and reason for my dare devilish antics :D And I am going to miss nearly every single thing in the apartment I live in. I some how have developed a very very strong sense of belonging for the house. I had my shares of difficulties and inconveniences which being the ever optimist I have happily decided to overlook :-) I live by the saying, Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. So here I am hoping for a new year which is better in every respect from the year making its exit.


I hope your year ahead is better than the previous years. Good Luck.
Life is always changing. I am sure you will appreciate these changes with time :)
Swapna said…
I hope you have a wonderful new year..i hope you will be able to take up the challenges and new life that you are going to step into with the same zeal and spirit that I have always seen you in..
Abhishek Khanna said…
heya.. happy happy new year to you :)
Hammett said…
try not to travel on the first day of 2008... I'm just kidding... Have a wonderful new year.. cheers!! :)
Ashu said…
travel, thats my achilles hill too. my choice some times, my resistance some times. but its fine....

Life s all about moving for good and forgetting the history.

Happy New year Cherrie. I m so happy to read that you goin to K s city. its so sweet na!!!
Amrita said…
Thanks a ton Ashu.. Ur chirpy remarks really make my day sometimes... :)
Pranshu said…
Indeed CAT is a funny exam you never know when you get bored of it or fall in love with its challenge :) Cheers for the new year coming up ...

Another Amrita's, otherwise known as Red Soul's, blog got me here :)


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